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Afghanistan, the Taliban ban the Covid-19 vaccine

A few hours after the Taliban’s entry into Afghanistan, uneasy news arrives: the Taliban bans the vaccine against covid. The images of the escape from Kabul went around the world in a short time. Scenes of despair, of terror, of poor civilians trying to escape the grip of the Taliban. Following the capture of the presidential palace in Kabul and the flight of President Ghani on August 15, a spokesman for the Taliban announced that declared the rebirth of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Although the Taliban themselves have assured that there will not be the same regime of terror that was in place the last time they were in charge and although they argue that education will be ensured for women and that they will not be forced to use the burqa, history and the present demonstrate quite the opposite.

The stop of the anti-covid vaccine in Afghanistan ordered by the Taliban

Before the Taliban arrived in Afghanistan, 800,000 citizens had received at least the first dose of the anti-covid vaccine, out of a population of 38 million people. But when they reached the eastern part of Afghanistan, the province of Patkia, the Taliban have imposed an immediate stop of the administration of the vaccine against Covid-19. Now that Taliban forces have entered Kabul, it is expected that vaccines are outlawed across the state.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban have already for about a week ordered the staff of the regional hospital to stop all administration of the anti-covid vaccine. Furthermore, the hospital’s vaccination department has been closed. Unfortunately, this ban is only the beginning of a great dictatorship. Furthermore, due to this choice, the local population will unfortunately be excluded from any protective measure against the pandemic. China has already attempted to forge diplomatic ties with Taliban leaders by sending at least 400,000 doses of the Sinopharm vaccine in hopes of exerting new influence on the region.

What the command of the Taliban will mean in Afghanistan

The speed with which citizens attempted to flee Afghanistan testifies to the terror that the arrival of the Taliban inspires in them. Unfortunately, Afghans say the country will go back 200 years. The first to lose the dignity of a human being will be women. In Afghanistan, with the arrival of the Taliban the ban on administering the anti-covid vaccine is just the tip of the iceberg of an announced catastrophe.

Women must stay indoors, they will be able to go out only if accompanied by a male relative (mahram), they have already had to leave their jobs, they will not be able to be seen by male doctors, or ride a bicycle or motorbike, and they will not even be able to laugh out loud. Penalty: public stoning.

Emblematic is the image of the Afghan journalist Clarissa Ward:

Credits: Clarissa Ward-Twitter

The first photo was taken from a direct shot before arrival of the Taliban, the second following their invasion. However, the CNN reporter explained: “In the first photo I was inside a protected area. The second was taken on the streets of Kabul after it was occupied by the Taliban. Even before, around Kabul, I always wore a veil for my hair, even though I didn’t cover it completely and didn’t use an abaya. So there is a difference, but not so pronounced “.

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Arrival of the Taliban in Afghanistan in a short time

The conquest of the state by the Taliban groups took place much faster than those predicted by international observers, including US intelligence agencies. Also for this reason, the advance of the combatants forced the nations NATO to evacuate their staff in a sudden and disorganized manner, as well as the highest number of Afghan collaborators that could be taken out of the country. Evacuation operations are still ongoing. The UK defense minister, embittered, commented: “We will not be able to save everyone”.

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