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Green pass Marche: boom, Pfizer and Moderna vaccine bookings in fits and starts – Chronicle

Ancona 29 July 2021 – Green pass, vacation and other needs have prompted many marchigiani to book their doses of Covid vaccine, stocks of Pfizer at risk these days in the hub of the Marche. Situation at risk these days and until next week when, according to what is reported by the region, They should be coming 22 thousand doses of the Moderna product, the alternative to doses Pfizer as regards the bulk of the population under the age of 60.

As anticipated on Tuesday byHealth Councilor of the Region, Filippo Saltamartini, the booking boom for Covid vaccine the last week has produced a certain alarm at the level of availability of the doses themselves. The Asur Prevention Department first secured the reservations arrived earlier, especially those for the second administration and the closure of the vaccination cycle with Pfizer.

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Those who underwent the first dose with that vaccine will receive the same product for the second also this week and the next. If anything, some slight postponement in the booking was due to the latest arrivals, that is to say the people of the Marches who, worried about the series of restrictions caused by the entry into force of the Green Pass, from August 6 next, they immediately clicked on the ministerial website to book the first dose.

Of course, this is good news, with the ever growing number of vaccinated people, but this has resulted in a limitation of the doses available. No problem since August thanks to the large supply of Modern. In vaccination hubs, the absence of the Pfizer he was born in Modern is making itself felt. “The green pass must also be recognized for those who have been vaccinated with Sputnik”. This is underlined by the deputy of the Democratic Party Alessia Morani. “The lack of recognition – he underlines – creates problems for tourism, but not only”.

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