what can be done. The rules and prohibitions

what can be done. The rules and prohibitions
what can be done. The rules and prohibitions

Easter Monday in the red zone for Rome and Lazio. In fact, also for today, Monday 5 April, bans and restrictions imposed by the highest risk band for the coronavirus emergency will apply on the decision of the government of the prime minister, Mario Draghi.

Can picnics, picnics, barbecues be made?

Barbecues, picnics and outings. For this reason, parks, historic villas, pine forests and beaches will be specially supervised, with a device coordinated by the Prefect of Piantedosi. On the field there will be more than a thousand women and men a day of police, provincial police, carabinieri, local police, Gdf and Civil Protection with checks on main roads, consular posts, airports and railway stations. Particular attention on the Roman coast, from Anzio to Nettuno, from Ostia to Fiumicino and up to Civitavecchia. Sample checkpoints, and not funnels, will also be set up on the consular offices of Rome, with greater attention to Appia, Pontina, Laurentina and Aurelia, and at motorway toll booths, to monitor any movements to second homes.

Are the parks open?

Public access to parks, villas and public gardens is allowed, unless otherwise specified by the local authorities, on condition that they strictly comply with the prohibition of gathering and in any case near their home. minors, even together with family members or other people habitually living together or in charge of their care, to play areas in parks, villas and public gardens, to carry out play or recreational activities outdoors in compliance with the guidelines of the Department for policies parks and public gardens also include parks and gardens open free to the public, belonging to museums and other institutes and places of culture. It is understood that the justification for all permitted movements, in the event of any checks, can be provided in the forms and in the manner of self-certification

Closed premises

Local still off limits. In fact, bars and restaurants will not be able to provide table service and therefore Easter Monday lunches will be substantially prohibited. The premises will be able to work with take-away until 6 pm – until 10 pm for those who have the kitchen – and with home deliveries without time limits. Shutters down also for almost all shops and malls. Supermarkets, pharmacies, newsagents and tobacconists remain open.

Easter Monday at friends and second homes

Also for today, Easter Monday, as already happened for Saturday and Easter Sunday, the derogation for visits to the homes of friends and relatives is in force. Two adults – plus minors under 14 who are not counted – can only once reach a private home of friends or relatives within the Lazio region.
However, the movement must take place between 5 and 22, because the curfew remains in force. It will therefore be possible to have lunch at friends’ homes on Easter Monday, although it is advisable to avoid meetings with people who do not live together.

However, the ban on leaving the house remains, except for reasons of work, absolute necessity, health and precisely visits to family and friends, which will be included in the self-declaration in case of control. Therefore, the classic Easter Monday picnic in the park – which will be monitored but open – is prohibited, as is the trip outside the city.

In fact, the ban on leaving regional borders is still in force, except for the usual reasons, which must be declared in a self-certification. In fact, visits to private homes are only allowed within the Lazio region. It is possible, even on Easter Monday, to reach your second home, but only to the owner’s cohabiting family unit.

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