Jordanian prince Hamzah on twitter: ‘I will not obey orders’ – World

Prince Hamzah, accused of plotting against his half-brother, Jordan’s King Abdallah II, said he will not obey orders, in an audio recording broadcast on Twitter on the night between Sunday and Monday.
“Obviously I will not obey (at the orders of the Chief of Staff, General Youssef Huneiti, ed) when he tells me that I am not allowed to go out, to tweet, to communicate with people and that I am only allowed to see my family”, Hamzah says in a recording of a conversation on the phone with a person.

National security attack and links with foreign services. The indictment against Prince Hamzah bin Hussein and his allies was pronounced by Jordanian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, al-Safadi, speaking of the suspected plot against King Abdallah, half-brother of the main suspect. Hamzah himself denounced in a video that “he was placed under house arrest” and that “he is not responsible for the collapse of governance, corruption and incompetence that prevailed in the government in the last 15-20 years and is now getting worse”.

In a telephone conversation relaunched today on Twitter in Jordan, Prince Hamzah – after having had an interview with the Chief of Staff, Gen. Yussef Huneiti – assures: “I don’t want to do anything that could create an escalation”. Referring to a series of limitations that the authorities would like to impose on him, he replies, however, that he does not intend to respect them “as they are completely inconceivable”.

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