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romadailynews radio news information A good morning from the editorial staff and Gabriella Luigi in the studio opening the vaccine machine does not stop with the Easter holidays in the second quarter April-June of 2021 50 million doses of the Reggia system are expected to arrive at the end of September I close the April campaign decisive to reach 500,000 vaccinations a day, son said 18025 positive for the covid test in Italy in the last 24 hours 326 deaths in one day also patients hospitalized in intensive care decrease 3700 33 less than on Saturday new stop to the astrazeneca basin the vault of Holland that suspends its use for all ages to avoid a waste of doses the decision after the announcement to suspend the use of the drug for the underneath we will not stop astrazeneca we must go ahead with the vaccination explains the Undersecretary of health for Paolo sileri you but I think you will have to pronounce again to introduce a Cala limit to the minimum of 7 m e number of covid deaths in the UK 10 deaths in 24 hours the lowest number since 14 September 2020 covid cases globally have exceeded the 130 million death mark since the start of the pandemic are just over 2 million and eight hundred thousand in Russia After the threshold of 100 thousand victims since the beginning of the Panda yesterday, in his Urbi et Orbi message, the pontiff recalled that all, especially the most fragile, need assistance and the right to have access to the necessary care, kisses are one essential tool for this fight hence the appeal in the spirit of an internationalism of vaccines I urge the entire international community to have a shared commitment to delay in their distribution, favor their sharing especially with poor countries. ‘is up to the armed conflicts and the Italian military arsenals have spent about 1400000000 euros for the Pasq lunch ua in lockdown in their homes only 10% took advantage of the derogations to leave their homes and the estimate of Coldiretti xe which records a 15% increase in income spending last year but well below the values ​​of the past with restaurants, taverns and farmhouses open but there are 5,600,000 Italians in absolute poverty One million more than last year is all from the editorial staff I wish you a good day
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