On newsstands on the Fatto Quotidiano of 25 June: Grillo smashes everything. Count ready to farewell

On newsstands on the Fatto Quotidiano of 25 June: Grillo smashes everything. Count ready to farewell
On newsstands on the Fatto Quotidiano of 25 June: Grillo smashes everything. Count ready to farewell
Opera prison

“They gave the sentence: they kill Di Matteo”

The death plan – The first to talk about it was the repentant Galatolo. Now it is Bellocco, boss of the ‘Ndrangheta, as he discusses Brusca with another inmate: it is June 1st


Mix doses, Draghi denied by the Official Gazette

Covid-19 – Aifa determination has been published which establishes the heterologous only for under 60. The premier has done so, citizens who ask for it are denied

of Natascia Ronchetti

He folder

Counter-reform: fewer taxes on businesses and capital

The “new” taxman is worse than the old

Freedom of information

Report, brother of Tare (Lazio) asks for the Ranucci documents: “Avalanche effect of the Tar sentence”

There is immediately someone who slips into the breach opened by the lawyer Andrea Mascetti, close to the League, and by the Lazio TAR, who granted him access to the documents relating to a Report service, applying the rules to Rai information on administrative transparency in terms that endanger the secrecy of the confidential sources of journalists, protected […]

the interview

“Ilva pollutes and thus does not hold up. Now battle in Brussels “

Rinaldo Melucci – Pd Mayor of Taranto

The father of the antivirus

McAfee, this is how a true paranoid genius lives (and dies)

Suicides and ghosts

Usa, 20 years later

‘September 11th’ without truth. The Towers and the Saudi track

Three former Riyadh officials questioned about logistical support for the World Trade Center suicide bombers

At the conference

D’Alema, Di Maio & C. The “contiani” go to the court of Bettini

Your Middle East


Now the former prime minister is ready to farewell. “No to diarchy”

Last lap

of Luca De Carolis and Paola Zanca


Justice, the flop of criminal lawyers: few in Piazza Boschi make the commercial for Iv with Forza Italia and Lega

Negligible participation of lawyers in the demonstration in favor of the separation of the careers of magistrates, organized by the president of the criminal chambers, Gian Domenico Caiazza. In front of the Supreme Court, in Piazza Cavour, however, there were representatives of the center-right and Renzians of the government, together with the right-wing opposition, Fdi. One after the other, Matteo Salvini, the Undersecretary of Justice Paolo, spoke […]

Wuhan and the origins 13 sequences of the virus in a pre-2019 cloud

The investigation into the origins of Covid-19 reserves a new twist: an American researcher, virologist Jesse Bloom, of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, has found sequences of the virus dating back to the beginning of the pandemic and removed from the archive ad hoc of the American National Institute of Health (Nih) at the request of a Chinese researcher. Bloom, like […]

Central purchasing

Pirellone, Aria’s CEO has already resigned

Just a month ago he was introduced as the savior of the “Aria” bandwagon. Yesterday, he resigned. Silvio Sperzani is the new (but formerly) Sole Director of the Lombardy Region purchasing center. Officially he leaves for “serious family reasons”, the Pirellone’s upper floors say, a sudden abandonment that certainly was not […]

Aspi, requests from prosecutors

Collapse of Morandi, “Ex ad Castellucci go to trial”

Almost three years after the collapse of the Morandi Bridge, the Genoa Public Prosecutor’s Office is asking to try 59 people and two companies, Autostrade per l’Italia and Spea Engineering, for the disaster that caused 43 victims on 14 August 2018. The requests for indictment concern the highest executives of Autostrade per l’Italia, among them […]

Corporate taxes: record cuts in Italy

In the far west of tax competition between the countries of the European Union, Italy certainly cannot be accused of dumping corporate taxation towards other EU states: the tax havens in the Old Continent are called the United Kingdom, the Netherlands , Switzerland, Luxembourg. But in terms of corporate taxation, the Peninsula still holds a record: […]

The case

Friends against the fact: another lost cause for Mediaset

Dear Friends, you are wrong. This was established by the judge of the Court of Appeal of Rome, rejecting (again) the case of the Mediaset group against the Fatto Quotidiano. In 2012 in this newspaper Carlo Tecce told the complaint of Roberto Quagliano, a television producer who had proposed to Mediaset a format similar to what would later be […]

of To. Ro.

In Parliament

Less than 2 hours to celebrate the failure in Afghanistan

An hour and forty minutes. This was the length of time that the Parliament filed the twenty-year international mission in Afghanistan. The mission began on October 7, 2011, following the attack on the Twin Towers and the decision by the United States to launch a powerful military action against the Taliban accused of giving shelter to Osama bin Laden. […]


EU Summit, the migrant case cleared in just ten minutes

Other priorities – Relations with Russia and Turkey, the rights trampled by the anti-LGBTQ law of Hungary. Reception: on the first day of the summit the “Draghi line” scores no points


The UN is lagging behind, 3 million are at risk of hunger and disease

Agreement expiring – Russia opposes

of Michela AG Iaccarino

“Me, Mogol and Fiorello”. The irony of Gabriella Germani

“First I presented myself as a lawyer, then with Rosario and Giulio I understood”

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