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JULY and AUGUST, Italian HOLIDAYS with SURPRISE! THE LATEST UPDATE has turned EVERYTHING upside down. The news »

Weather: JULY and AUGUST, Italian HOLIDAYS with SURPRISE! THE LATEST UPDATE has turned EVERYTHING upside down. The news

Official screenings for the next summer months On Italy it is summer broke out. A few days into the season from an astronomical point of view, the heat is already reaching very high peaks for the period.
After having “suffered” a spring that is too subdued from a thermal point of view, in these days the perception has been reversed and many are asking us: it will be a record season like in 2003?
To answer this question, but above all to understand in general what weather to expect in the coming months of July and august, we must rely on the so-called seasonal forecasts.
In particular, we analyzed the latest update which presents no little surprises for the highlight of the holidays in Italy according to the authoritative Center European.

Let’s start by saying that the next few weeks of June may be almost “tropical” because of a vast field of high pressure of African origin which is destined to impose itself in an increasingly significant way on the Mediterranean basin: if this should be confirmed, we expect thermal values ​​in marked increase with peaks over 32 ° C. The downside of this particular synoptic condition is the risk of sudden e strong thunderstorms that could occur especially in the Center-North.

This is likely to be the trend also for the rest of the summer season. In fact, the latest seasonal cards of European Center for the next month of July they see anomalies of temperatures up to + 1 / 1.5 ° C compared to climatic averages of reference (1993-2016). The main cause of these anomalies will be the infamous African anticyclone that sends hot air masses with high humidity levels from the Sahara Desert. This could likely translate to heat waves coming from Africa, so far completely absent (or almost), with peaks ready to splash well over 35 ° C in Valpadana, on the inland areas of the two major islands and on part of the central-southern peninsula.
The surplus of heat and rising humidity in the lower strata could provide the fuel needed for the development of massive storm cells whenever of the drafts of fresher air and unstable will be able to breach the anticyclone. Most at risk in these cases will be the Northern regions, more subject to the violent temporal due to thermal contrasts.

In spite of what was estimated from the last update, the juiciest Announcements that emerges from the last projection concerns the month of August, traditionally the highlight of Italian holidays: well, it seems that we will have to deal with temperatures well above the average of about + 1 ° C: consequently, it is reasonable to expect a rather hot month, especially at Center-North. Slightly different speech for the South and for the two major islands, where the anomalies would be more contained (+ 0.5 ° C compared to the reference average).

While there is a certain margin of uncertainty, the above it’s all true; these are not far-fetched predictions, but one of the main ones scenarios proposed by the very authoritative European Center.

Temperatures for the month of July: up to 1.5 ° C above average



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