disaster in Monte Carlo, the critic risks very big – Libero Quotidiano

disaster in Monte Carlo, the critic risks very big – Libero Quotidiano
disaster in Monte Carlo, the critic risks very big – Libero Quotidiano

Vittorio Sgarbi is under investigation in Syracuse for the illicit export of a canvas attributed to the Caravaggesque master Valentin de Boulogne and whose commercial value is estimated at five million euros. Sgarbi and his partner Sabrina Colle (also investigated) are considered by the investigators to be the owners “or in any case the holders” of the painting found in an apartment in the Principality of Monaco and is now seized. “After the story of the crusts passed off as masterpieces by the artist from the Marches Gino De Dominicis, for which Sgarbi is accused of criminal association and false authentications (the preliminary hearing has been updated to June 30), another judicial investigation touches the candidate councilor for Culture of Rome, currently running to the municipalities with the Michetti center-right ticket. Matone “, announces Republic.

. Sgarbi – according to the accusation – tried to sell the precious canvas on the international market “in the awareness, however, of not having the certificate of free circulation or export license”. The work is the Concerto con bevitor, a 97 by 133 cm canvas dating from 1623-1624 and attributed to Valentin de Boulogne. At the end of February last year, the painting was taken from Sgarbi’s house in Ro Ferrarese and was delivered in Monte Carlo to a lady from Cagliari, Mirella Setzu, which had the task of placing it on the foreign market. “It was Gianni Filippini, president of Sicilia Musei and organizer in 2019 of an exhibition that was not exactly a success, to put the subjects involved in contact (there are five suspects). Sgarbi’s troubles, we will see, began then “, he always writes Repubblica.

The exhibition was called “The impossible is known”, and brought to the capital of Sicilian Baroque one hundred masterpieces of the twentieth century, including some Dalì, De Chirico, Mirò, Picasso, Klee. But 26 of those paintings were seized by the Syracuse prosecutors because they were deemed to be of dubious authenticity. Sgarbi, when he learned of the seizure ordered by the investigating judge Salvatore Palmeri, through his lawyers immediately appealed to the Review Court to repossess it. The hearing is scheduled for July 1st.

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disaster Monte Carlo critic risks big Libero Quotidiano

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