Mugello, child found: little Nicola discharged from the hospital. More investigations

Mugello, child found: little Nicola discharged from the hospital. More investigations
Mugello, child found: little Nicola discharged from the hospital. More investigations

The 21-month-old child who had lost track of him was tracked down on June 23 and is doing well. “This morning, after the 24 hours necessary for observation, his condition appeared good and he was therefore discharged,” Meyer hospital writes in a note. Meanwhile, the prosecutor has opened a file for the disappearance, without any suspect. There are still some points of the story to be clarified


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Nicola, the 21-month-old baby found alive yesterday in the woods of Palazzuolo sul Senio where he had disappeared for almost two days, was discharged this morning from the Meyer pediatric hospital in Florence, where he had been hospitalized for observation. “He spent a quiet night in one of the short observation beds in the ER. He rested with his mother. This morning, after the 24 hours required for observation, his condition appeared good and he was then resigned “, Meyer writes in a note. The child, as it emerged after the discovery, which took place thanks to a journalist, had walked up to go alone over 3 km from home. The prosecutor, meanwhile, has opened a file for the disappearance, without any suspect: now it will evaluate the investigations of the carabinieri who have ruled out other hypotheses than that of removal. However, some obscure points still remain to be clarified. Meanwhile, it emerged that last year Nicola’s brother also left home for about an hour, he was brought home by a neighbor: this episode is also the subject of ongoing investigations.

The path of little Nicola


Child found, the father of little Nicola: “It was strong”. VIDEO

The child had left the house in the evening, with the last summer light and with the moon almost full. On June 21, they put him to bed around 6 pm and he was supposed to sleep until the next morning. Instead, as reconstructed by his father, Leonardo Tanturli, it seems that the little one has emulated his older brother, 4 years old. He reached the front door handle, kept closed but not locked, he clung with a jump, opened it and went out. Wearing the sandals with which he was found, he walked up the mule track, probably going to find the goats, 100 meters above. Then it disappeared for over 30 hours from all ‘radars’.

The finding


Baby found, the moment of the embrace between the baby and the mother

When he was found he was thirsty and hungry, and he said “mum”, when the Rai correspondent who identified him heard him, who alerted the carabinieri, who spoke with the lieutenant commanders of the station Danilo Ciccarelli and Danilo Porfida. Nicola was safe, in an escarpment thirty meters below the mule track, stopped by the vegetation, 1 km and a half from Quadalto. After the discovery he was taken to hospital in Florence by helicopter, where apart from a few scratches the doctors found him in good condition. His father hugged him in the ambulance: “He is a strong child and he resisted, we spent hours of despair,” said Leonardo Tanturli.

The points to be clarified


Child disappeared in Mugello: he was found alive in an escarpment

Some points of the story still remain to be clarified. As he writes The Courier, one of these concerns the sandals that the little one was wearing when he was found: was the child put to bed wearing shoes? Or did he put them on himself, if possible, before going out? Another point concerns the fact that Nicola was found in an area where “the grass was not crushed, my impression is that he had not spent the night there”, as Lieutenant Ciccarelli explains. While on the report of the disappearance, the parents report that on Monday evening at 24 the little one was gone. They looked for him and raised the alarm at 9 the next day. The searches would therefore have been activated only 9 hours after the disappearance. Finally the blood: the carabinieri found traces of it at the door of the child’s house. Now it will have to be ascertained whether it matches Nicola’s.

Last year, Nicola’s brother also moved away from home

Last year even Nicola’s brother, who was three years old at the time, moved away from home, always reports the Courier service. The removal lasted about an hour, then the child was seen in the area by the neighbor who brought him home. The circumstance has emerged in these hours and now the prosecutor is investigating the matter. The episode was never investigated because the alarm was not raised.

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