“The ministry ordered the CTS not to consider me. Roberto Speranza? I’m not angry with him, but …” – Libero Quotidiano

“The ministry ordered the CTS not to consider me. Roberto Speranza? I’m not angry with him, but …” – Libero Quotidiano
“The ministry ordered the CTS not to consider me. Roberto Speranza? I’m not angry with him, but …” – Libero Quotidiano

Communication errors have been made since the beginning of the pandemic. Not just the ministry. Remember the tampons, especially the asymptomatic ones? Even in the scientific community there were those who said yes and those who said no. There have always been communication problems starting with the WHO, especially on new problems. Vaccines also happen at European level: Ema does not put limits on AstraZeneca, some countries say only over 55 or 65, Aifa makes a recommendation … “. Pierpaolo Sileri, Undersecretary of Health, confirms that something in the management of the virus emergency has gone wrong.

The accused seems to be Sileri’s superior: the minister Roberto Speranza. The relations between the two, and for a long time, are at a minimum. “I’m not angry with him – Sileri said -, if anything with certain delays of part of the ministerial structure. And the problem isn’t the closures: it’s the lack of programming. In early May it had to be said that, in two months, the masks could be removed outdoors: if 50 percent are vaccinated with one dose, if there are no dangerous variants. Instead it came to the last. If I operate on her and remove a tumor, I tell her that in 15 days, barring complications, she can progressively resume her life. We must look ahead. For example, we should now say if in October they will be able to resume lessons in presence at the university, provided that the vaccinations continue and there are no alarms for the variants. The football championship will restart: do we mean that the stadiums will be able to fill up, 100 percent, but at least 25, 50 according to a known progression? We do too much navigation on sight: a year ago it was inevitable, with vaccines you can program some things. The programming of the reopening, for me, was the positive novelty introduced by Draghi. “, Explains the undersecretary in an interview with Everyday occurrence.

Sileri seems to be in contrast with the political line adopted by Speranza and makes no secret of highlighting it: “Take the trips with the short insulation and the tampon: I proposed them at the beginning of last summer. Or the quarantine: 14 days there were too many but it took three months. Another three months for the rapid tests. Another three months for the treatment with molecular antibodies. again, we knew the problem was the variants and that Italy was behind with sequencing, in January I promoted a consortium of laboratories, which was never funded. They move now. Unfortunately the ministry also happened to me that the head of the cabinet indicated to the then coordinator of the CTS, Agostino Miozzo, not to consider my proposals“, he says, making it clear how difficult it was for him to work closely with the Leu exponent.

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