Maturity: 19 year old autistic promoted in Monza, his mother asked for his rejection

June 24, 2021 7:46 pm

According to the parents, because of Dad, the boy did not acquire the relational skills necessary for the future. “What will you do in September?” they wonder

The mother and father of the 19-year-old had tried to dialogue with the institute and with the undersecretary of theInstruction but the attempts were in vain. “There are thousands of autistic kids who have faced the maturity without having been socially prepared ”underlines the mother, arguing that the school cannot be only notional. “How do we know if they have acquired the real skills they need to face and build their life project?” the woman wondered.

The family’s doubt concerns the future: “What will our son do in September? Nobody knows how to give an answer, all his certainties are over”. According to the parents, this experience highlighted the lack, after the arrival of the pandemic, of projects for young people affected by autism. There is talk of interventions that could allow him to recover the necessary social contacts after a year off. “Only in that case could we speak of one inclusive school”Comments the family.

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