Sicily, a ‘yellow’ region for Europe: the new bulletin

Sicily, a ‘yellow’ region for Europe: the new bulletin
Sicily, a ‘yellow’ region for Europe: the new bulletin

The numbers, Covid in Sicily and the Delta variant. Let’s start with the numbers.

The Bulletin in Sicily

What do the numbers say? That there are 119 new Covid19 positives recorded in Sicily in the last 24 hours (yesterday they were 158) out of 16,962 swabs processed, with an incidence that drops to 0.7%, while yesterday it was 1.3%. The Region is in second place in Italy for the number of daily infections behind Lombardy. The victims are 6 and the total dead is 5,957. The number of current positives is 4,753 with a decrease of 155 cases. The healed are 268. In hospitals there are 212 patients, 19 fewer than yesterday, those in intensive care are 27, two more than yesterday. The distribution of registered cases by provinces sees: Palermo 17, Catania 42, Messina 13, Syracuse 5, Trapani 8, Ragusa 5, Agrigento 7, Caltanissetta 9, Enna 13. President Musumeci has extended two red zones.

The risk map

In the meantime, Italy continues to decline in the Covid risk bands and everything is colored green except in the South, where they remain in orange (or dark yellow, ed) Basilicata, Calabria and Sicily, as Adnkronos explains. These are the national colors on the map of Europe, updated today by the ECDC, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, based on the stratification of Covid risk. The map

The Delta variant and the alarm

And let’s go to the dreaded Delta variant, already Indian. “In the absence of reliable data on the presence of the Delta variant in Italy – explains the president of the Gimbe Foundation, Nino Cartabellotta – there are three reasonable certainties: first of all, the number of sequences carried out is modest and heterogeneous at the regional level; secondly, contact tracing has not been resumed, despite the contagion numbers allowing it. Finally, the comparison with what is happening in the United Kingdom is worrying, where the variant is spreading quickly: in Italy, in fact, just over 1 in 4 people have completed the vaccination cycle (compared to 46% in the United Kingdom), while 26.5% of the population received only one dose (compared to 17%) and 46% are totally uncovered (compared to 37%). Worrying percentages considering the lower efficacy of a single dose against this variant “.

“The cases will increase”

It does not seem difficult to hypothesize, at this point, that the Delta variant becomes prevalent this summer, as European organizations believe. Those numbers we are talking about “have increased and will continue to increase, it will tend to replace the English variant also in Italy as in the United Kingdom. Our job is to slow down the speed of diffusion and strengthen tracking to limit cases, but a few weeks from now, the percentages are set to rise. In the meantime, the slowdown must allow a more rapid vaccination with the second doses so that this variant does not cause damage ”. Thus the Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri. But from Gimbe they sound the alarm right on the traces. Who is right? And most importantly, can we afford someone to be wrong?

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