Osteopathy, the Minister of Health Speranza: “Established the health profession”

Osteopathy, the Minister of Health Speranza: “Established the health profession”
Osteopathy, the Minister of Health Speranza: “Established the health profession”

For at least five years there has been talk of the need to regulate osteopathy. Today, with an initiative that started four years ago “, with today’s CDM, the Government’s path to establish the health profession of the osteopath. It is an important moment for anti-professionals and for those citizens who need their services ”writes Health Minister Roberto Speranza in a post. At least one in five Italians has turned to an osteopath at least once in their life. Back pain, stiff neck, posture problems are the most frequent reasons. More than one in three did so on the advice of a doctor. But before today the practice was not regulated.

“Three years after the law 3/2018 with which it was identified the figure of the health profession of osteopath, today the Council of Ministers has concluded the process of institution. A valuable result for those professionals, now fully qualified health, and for the people they care for. For me it is a source of great satisfaction and yet another confirmation of the goodness of the initiative undertaken. Now let’s proceed quickly with the definition of the didactic system, the evaluation of previous qualifications and the establishment of the register in the TSRM and PSTRP Orders “states the deputy Beatrice Lorenzin, of the presidency of the Pd Group in the Chamber, former Minister of Health.

A goal reached therefore for the 11 thousand osteopaths in Italy and which also affects the 10 million citizens who have turned to this figure at least once in their life. “With today we have an identity – he comments Paola Sciomachen, president of the Roi, Osteopaths Registry of Italy, one of the oldest associations of reference for the profession with over 4 thousand members – certainly osteopathy belongs to osteopaths and these have a professional profile, an operational context. This is far-reaching for the whole category. The law had identified osteopathy as a health profession, but there was still no content. The first fundamental step was substantially missing, the one relating to professional profile, and this decree gives it to us. Three and a half years have passed and they were really waiting for it. The next steps, the other implementing decrees, will relate to the definition of the university degree course in osteopathy (osteopaths are currently trained according to shared guidelines, but by private centers) and then to the equivalences, which will allow current osteopaths to continue to exercise. We hope that there will not be a wait of another three years ”. “The decree – he adds – it places us in a very interesting area for us, that of prevention, in support of the National Health Service. I believe that also the role in the management of chronicity and current issues such as that of the so-called Long Covid can be significant. Osteopathy has an approach to the person rather than to the symptom, it does not deal with treating the pathology, but treats the effects, the contributing causes, the outcomes of diseases and the comorbidities related to these. It is a manual medicine that aims at the balance of all the components of the organism and at the strengthening of the state of health. There is an indication for a situation like that of Long Covid “.


Osteopathy Minister Health Speranza Established health profession

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