Migrants, in the new agreement with Erdogan, Germany is making the EU take quite a risk

Migrants, in the new agreement with Erdogan, Germany is making the EU take quite a risk
Migrants, in the new agreement with Erdogan, Germany is making the EU take quite a risk

Officially, the mercenary forces are asked to abandon the Libya. But the gist of the Berlin Summit it is the “Syria” method also imagined for Benghazi and Tripoli, that is to write a billionaire check for the Turkish president Erdogan to make him manage Libyan migrants after Syrian ones. The problem is of a dual nature, moral and logistical.

The “success” of the management of Syrians on Turkish soil can be seen from the conditions where they lived and from multiple escape attempts, towards the Eline-Turkish border of Evros (where they were also taken by the Turkish police as goods) and from there towards the Balkan ridge. Conditions often inhumane, for a problem of which the embryo is little discussed, because it is inconvenient. The war in Syria, its protogeny, its management and the tragic nature of the dead, wounded and displaced. The usual management improvised of the socio-geopolitical phenomena that have occurred in the Mare Nostrum and surroundings in the last twenty years (primarily Syria, Libya, Afghanistan) has produced a dramatic event like the conditions of the Syrian people, subject to forced deportation because they are fleeing war and rubble.

A situation that I have touched with my hand, visiting the Greek hotspot in Thermopylae several times, where I collected live testimonies of numerous Syrians forced to flee and detained in these centers, with no possibility of returning in their own land or to join relatives in other EU countries. I met a doctor whose relatives are in Emilia Romagna, the owner of a supermarket, a student.

Secondly, the repeated choice to rely on Erdogan presents numerous unknowns, both about the performance of the transaction and about the underlying reasons for the choice, which are often not fully disclosed. Give the Turkish president another negotiating weapon with such a strong impact is a risk that Europe cannot afford to run, given the previous behavior of the aforementioned: the armed threats to Eni’s Sapem ships, the gas claims in Cyprus and Greece that no international treaty endorses, the trespassing of the F- 16 Turks on Greek skies to cause an accident, the Erdoganian crusades against individual freedoms that a new Turkish ruling class is trying to dilute, such as Istanbul mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu and the likely anti-Erdogan presidential candidate Canan Kaftantsioglou.

Furthermore the Germany, main sponsor of the agreement with Ankara, is expected shortly from the political elections, the first of post Merkelism: physiologically it needs resolve asap the migrant dossier and to close the so-called Balkan route, the resumption of which could affect the internal consensus of the CDU, closely followed by the Greens.

In essence, on the migrant dossier, the pressures of Germany for a new agreement with Erdogan entail for the EU and the member states the assumption of a series of risks of primary importance. It would be useful to know them all before affixing those signatures, to avoid later to be surprised by imperialist turns and geopolitical claims that will not be a bolt from the blue.

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