Delta variant, crackdown on specific tracking: more swabs, attention to outbreaks and individual cases

Discos, when it can reopen

The theme of discos will be the subject of a new meeting: if the increase in vaccinations among young people is confirmed, a date could be set, again within the first 10 days of July. All with certain rules, such as the use of the green pass.

The “Finland case”

There is also the “Finland case” to increase the concerns. The Ministry of Health has in fact sent the Regions an alert note, recommending to enhance sequencing and contact tracing, after the detection of Delta variant outbreaks in Finnish hospitals. The authorities of Finland, the ministry announced, report an extensive outbreak of cases with the Delta variant that hit 4 hospitals in the country in May for a total of 98 cases. The lethality rate was 17.3%. Of the 98 cases, 18 healthcare workers and 42 patients had received at least one dose of the vaccine. Similarly, of the deceased patients, 70.6% had received at least one dose (one patient received 2). Hence the recommendation to the Regions to rigorously apply containment measures and to prioritize, among others, samples of individuals arriving from countries with a high incidence of variants and vaccinated subjects who become infected despite the development of immunity.

Son: “Continue to behave correctly”

He urges Emergency Commissioner Francesco Figliuolo not to let his guard down: “The Delta variant is worrying, but we have faith in science, vaccines protect. But this must lead us to continue to behave correctly”, he said. While Undersecretary Sileri warns that “Delta’s numbers in Italy have increased and will continue to increase, it will tend to replace the English variant in Italy as well, as in the United Kingdom. Our task – he stressed – is to slow down the speed of diffusion and strengthen tracing to limit cases “. And it is necessary to implement a more rapid vaccination with the second doses. With 2 doses, in fact, “the clinical effects of this variant are limited”. Therefore, the efficacy of vaccines seems to be confirmed: “With Pfizer – explains the immunologist and member of the CTS Sergio Abrignani – there is good protection from the Delta variant, both in terms of infection and in terms of disease development and death. Vaccines they work “.

The cases of Delta variant in the Regions

At the moment, Delta variant cases are reported in various Italian regions. In Campania, for example, 82 are currently infected, of which only 2 are in hospital. 10% of these had already had a dose of the vaccine. Against this background, the Gimbe Foundation asks for greater decision in the actions to be promoted: “A ‘wait-and-see’ management of the Delta variant is not acceptable, against which – he warns – it is necessary to immediately enhance sequencing and contact tracing, screening for those arriving from abroad and the second dose in over 60 and frail “.

Israel, the epidemic returns to concern Concern is also growing in the states that seemed to have overcome the emergency, starting with Israel where, in the face of a new increase in cases, the obligation to wear a mask indoors will return from next week. And the Maltese authorities have also run for cover, which have decided to anticipate the second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine.


Delta variant crackdown specific tracking swabs attention outbreaks individual cases

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