«No to“ Impressions of September ”in the series on Alfredino» – Corriere.it

«No to“ Impressions of September ”in the series on Alfredino» – Corriere.it
«No to“ Impressions of September ”in the series on Alfredino» – Corriere.it

Pfm yes dissociates with the choice to use one of the greatest hits of the progressive rock band “Impression of September” for the Sky TV series dedicated to the tragedy of Vermicino. «The music and the text of the song – writes the group in a statement released to the media – represent a hymn to freedom, to happiness and joy, feelings opposed to the tragedy of Vermicino. Alfredino Rampi is a child who has remained in heart of all of us, who followed that one on TV terrible night. there your tragica disappeared shook the whole nation. For these reasons, we believe that the passage is not suitable to what pictures of pain“. PFM, the band still writes, «was warned of this choice without being able to intervene, as it does not have i exploitation rights sales of “Impressioni di settembre” With every wider reserve PFM-Premiata Forneria Marconi (training 1971) ».


Immediate the reply to the PFM by the manufacturing company Lotus who made the miniseries. In a note he clarified that “the rights to use of the song were regularly granted by the record company and in no case would any music without having the authorization. “Alfredino – An Italian story” is a completed project according to with the Alfredo Rampi Center for the Civil Protection, which on behalf of Rampi family has viewed and authorized the episodes. The purpose of this production – the note continues -, as agreed with the Alfredo Rampi Center, is to let know what happened after those tragic events and how, thanks to the commitment and determination of Alfredino’s parents and to the partnership born in Vermicino between Franca Rampi and the President of the Republic Sandro Pertini, the seed has been sown for the birth of the Civil protection, an institution that all Italians can count on today. For forty years the Centro Rampi has worked for the prevention of incidents and for the management of small and large emergencies. Having agreed to authorize e to support this production is in line with their commitment over the years. And it is precisely by embracing the their goal that we have, hand in hand with the Rampi foundation, achieved this project with the utmost respect for will of the family».

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