Is the Visceral Games series really about to return? –

Dead Space may return shortly with a remake that will try to revive the fascinating mix of science fiction and horror created in 2008 by the now deceased Visceral Games, thus recovering an intellectual property that Electronic Arts has held in place for too long, inexplicably.

According to the latest rumors, the new Dead Space would have been entrusted to EA Motive, team author of the excellent Star Wars: Squadrons, which would thus continue to deal with productions set in space although with profoundly different characteristics and atmospheres.

Dead Space, an official artwork.

Thinking about it, the wound for many fans is still open: when Electronic Arts closed Visceral Games we were all surprised, precisely because of the extraordinary work done by the studio on the Dead Space trilogy.

At the time the team was dealing with an ambitious tie-in by Star Wars, arguably the basis of what became Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and its closure sparked a passionate discussion in defense of single player games.

Dead Space 2 and the horrible necromorphs.

At the end of the day, Visceral Games was the story of a great unfinished vision, and several years after the closure of the company it is nice to think that the fascinating universe created by that studio, so disturbing and dark, can continue to live, although at the hands of someone else.

Dead Space 4 would have had a female protagonist, revealed some time ago the former creative director of Visceral Games and who knows, maybe this idea will be resumed in the new, possible chapter of the franchise or in what will be its makeover.

Whatever the solution chosen in this case by Electronic Arts and EA Motive, it will certainly be interesting to re-dress the iconic enhanced armor that was by Isaac Clarke and explore the dark corridors of some mysteriously abandoned space station, with the possibility that a necromorph you pop out suddenly.

Sensations of true survival horror, which the trend has given up a bit in recent years and which it would be nice to try once again. What do you think? Will there really be a return of Dead Space? Will it be a new chapter or a remake? What direction could the series take? Let’s talk about.

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