Why does Italy play in the blue jersey?

Why does Italy play in the blue jersey?
Why does Italy play in the blue jersey?

The Italian national team is also called the Azzurri national team, due to the color of the jersey worn in the last century.

It is the most famous blue jersey, but certainly not the only one inside the Peninsula. The men’s national football team rhymes with the blue color on the skin, like the basketball, volleyball, athletics and any other sport that sees Italy as the protagonist in a given competition.

The peculiarity that binds the blue to football is not only the popularity of the ball, but the fact that it was the first sports discipline to choose this color to represent the union of the best athletes to challenge other national teams around Europe and the world.


Even today there are several rumors about why the men’s national team chose blue as a color, considering that at the debut of the representative team the white shirt with starched cuffs and collar was used, correlated by the ticolor ribbon. There are several hypotheses on which historians and scholars work.

One of these sees Italy as blue as a tribute to the Italian sky and seas, while the one linked more to the legend sees blue as a random color alternative to white by virtue of the snowfall of 6 January 1911 which did not allow to distinguish the jersey of the Italian and Hungarian national teams, friendly opponents.

On 6 January 1911, in fact, Italy used the blue jersey against Hungary for the first time, in the 1-0 win at the Arena Civica in Milan. Another hypothesis for the blue is that this was ‘stolen’ in part by the flag of the French national team, even if the transalpines wear blue and not a lighter shade.


In reality, the real reason why the national team wears blue is linked to the House of Savoy, a reigning dynasty at the beginning of the last century. This color was chosen as a tribute, considering that this had represented the family since 1300: the famous blue Savoy, in turn deriving from the color of the mantle of the Virgin Mary, notoriously blue.


Italy play blue jersey

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