Covid, Sileri on Sky TG24: ‘The problem of variants underestimated not only in Italy’

Covid, Sileri on Sky TG24: ‘The problem of variants underestimated not only in Italy’
Covid, Sileri on Sky TG24: ‘The problem of variants underestimated not only in Italy’

“We must aim for the target of sequencing 5% of the positive swabs”, since “the problem is not the Delta variant but also those that will come later”. Precisely for this reason, “5% must also be other countries to reach it, it is not a problem only for Italy. Everyone in Europe must make an effort. This limit in understanding the importance of monitoring the variants is not just a problem Italian, but also typical of other countries “. This is how the Undersecretary of Health, Pierpaolo Sileri, spoke about the issue linked to the mutations of the virus, during a speech on “Timeline”, on Sky Tg24. (COVID VACCINE: DATA AND GRAPHICS ON ADMINISTRATIONS IN ITALY, REGION BY REGION)

The delay on tracking

The delay on variant tracking? The answers, in this regard, “should be asked to the cabinet of the Ministry of Health”. These, then, the words of the undersecretary, about the delay of these months related to the monitoring of coronavirus mutations. “I myself, in early January, pointed out that this search for variants and this surveillance had to be strengthened,” he explained. “Professor Palù, president of Aifa, had already written down a project, and for months I have been soliciting this project that has found funding for a few weeks and is starting,” said Sileri. “The slowness of these months is the sole responsibility of the cabinet of the Ministry of Health. From 8 January 2021 it was ready and starts only today “.

Sileri: “Numbers on the Delta variant will increase”


Covid, UK at the peak of Delta variant cases. The situation in Europe

Still on the subject of variants of the virus, Sileri also addressed the issue concerning the Delta variant, the spread of which is also worrying Italy. According to the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (Ecdc) “by the end of August it will represent 90%” of the viruses in circulation in the European Union. But, although this variant is particularly contagious, at the moment this data has not affected health facilities with an increase in hospitalized patients, also thanks to the advancement of the vaccination campaign. Remaining in our country, the Undersecretary for Health said, the prevalence numbers of the Delta variant in Italy “have increased and will continue to increase” and the mutation itself “will tend to replace the English variant in Italy as well as in the United Kingdom”.

Slow down the rate of diffusion and strengthen tracking


Covid, from Lombardy to Sardinia: the outbreaks of the Delta variant

The main objective, now, is to “slow down the speed of diffusion and strengthen the tracing to limit the cases, but a few weeks from now the percentages are destined to increase”, confirmed Sileri. “In the meantime, the slowdown must allow for faster vaccination with second doses so that this variant does no harm,” he said in conclusion, with reassurance. “For those on the second dose, the clinical effects of this variant are limited. We continue to observe what happens in the United Kingdom, which is ahead of us in this experience, to take the necessary measures ”, he added.


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