Covid, vaccines and infections: the point in Brescia and in Italy

Covid, vaccines and infections: the point in Brescia and in Italy
Covid, vaccines and infections: the point in Brescia and in Italy

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The vaccination campaign in Lombardy and Bresciano. At the regional level, the threshold of 8 million doses administered has been largely exceeded (8.3 the figure updated at 6 this morning): we proceed at a rate of more than 100 thousand doses per day.

The latest data recorded, to be precise, speaks of 107,552 vaccinations performed in a single day (13.78% in the Brescia area), for a ratio of doses administered to the total delivered by Palazzo Lombardia equal to 91.23%.

As for the Bresciano, our province sees covered by the first administration the 66,01% of the total vaccinable population: to put it in figures, they received at least the first dose 711,802 from Brescia (out of the overall 1,078,312 of the potential audience) while 318.333 residents have already obtained the recall as well.

Contagions in Lombardy and Brescia

With 32,837 swabs performed, there are 155 new positives in Lombardy with 0.4% positivity rate (yesterday 0.3%). The decline in hospitalizations both in intensive care (-7, 65) and in other wards (-29, 321) continues. There are 4 deaths for a total of 33,765 deaths in the region since the beginning of pandemic. None of the deaths occurred in the last 24 hours.

Coming to Bresciano, in our province in the last 24 hours they have been numbered 19 new cases (yesterday it was 12). Finally, as regards the other provinces, there are 54 new cases in the metropolitan city of Milan, of which 27 in Milan city, 12 in Cremona and Varese, 11 in Lodi, 10 in Monza and Brianza, 7 in Pavia, 6 in Como, 5 in Mantua, 4 in Bergamo, 1 in Sondrio, 0 in Lecco.

Contagions in Italy

Finally, an overview of the national situation. I’m 927 the positives to the coronavirus test in Italy in the last 24 hours, according to data from the Ministry of Health. Yesterday there were 951. There were instead 10 victims in one day, while yesterday there were 30. This is the picture that emerges in the light of the 188,191 molecular and antigenic swabs carried out, about 10 thousand less than those of the previous period (198,031). The positivity rate is 0.5%, same as the previous day.

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