“Delta variant, numbers destined to grow also in Italy”

“Delta variant, numbers destined to grow also in Italy”
“Delta variant, numbers destined to grow also in Italy”

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The numbers of the prevalence of Delta variant of coronavirus in Italy “they have increased and will continue to increase, will tend to replace the English variant in Italy as well as in the United Kingdom. Our job is to slow down the speed of diffusion and strengthen tracking to limit cases, but a few weeks from now the percentages are destined to grow. In the meantime, the slowdown must allow a more rapid vaccination with second doses so that this variant does not cause damage ».

To declare it, a few days after suspension of the obligation to wear the mask outdoors, was the Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri, speaking on Timeline on SkyTg24. “For those who have the second dose – he added – the clinical effects of this variant are limited. We continue to observe what is happening in the United Kingdom, which is at a more advanced stage than us in this experience, to take the necessary measures ».

He also spoke on the subject Nino Cartabellotta, president of the Gimbe Foundation. «A wait-and-see handling of the Delta variant is not acceptable, against which it is necessary to promptly implement the measures recommended by the ECDC, the European Disease Control Center: enhance sequencing and contact tracing, implement screening strategies for those arriving from abroad, accelerate the administration of the second dose in over 60s and fragile, commensurate the intensity of the non-pharmacological measures to contain the infection with their complete coverage “.

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Delta variant numbers destined grow Italy

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