A turning point in football, Uefa abolishes the away goal rule which is worth double: what changes

The away goals it is no longer valid double. The rule that resisted since 1965 and that by now had entered the jargon of football it no longer exists: the turning point was made official today byUefa and will cover all competitions for club starting with the qualifiers for the tournaments of the season 2021/22. The away goal rule was in fact considered superseded by the leaders of the continental confederation.

How it worked
The away goals rule was applied to determine the winner of a match gone e return direct elimination, in cases where the two teams have scored it same number of goals overall in the two games. In such cases, the team that had scored the most goals away from home was considered the winner and qualified for the next round of the competition. Just in case the two teams had scored it same number of goals at home and away at the end of regular time, the extra time, possibly followed by penalty shootout.

What changes
With the decision to eliminate this rule, two teams scoring him same number of goals in the two matches, the passage of the round will be played in extra time and then on penalties, without calculations on goals scored away. As away goals will no longer have an additional weight to decide a tie, they will also be removed from criteria used to determine the Ranking when two or more teams are a equal points in the group stage. However, they will not be removed from the additional criteria applied to all group matches if the teams remain with the same points (higher number of away goals scored in all group matches), in order to maintain a maximum number of sporting criteria.

The numbers
The statistics from the mid-1970s to today show a clear trend towards continuous reduction of the gap between the number of home wins e out (from 61% / 19% to 47% / 30%) and the average number of goals per game scored at home and away (from 2.02 / 0.95 to 1.58 / 1.15) in men’s competitions, while from 2009/10 the average goal per game has remained very stable in the Women’s Champions League. Data underlined by UEFA to explain what elements they have influenced the choice and canceled the idea of ​​the advantage of playing at home and away.

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