97 new cases and 3 deaths, 65 infections in Rome

Today, Thursday 24 June, they are registered in Lazio 97 new positive cases and 3 deaths, one more than yesterday and 254 the healed. Over 9 thousand swabs and over 13 thousand antigenic swabs were carried out, for a total of over 22 thousand tests. The ratio between positives and buffers is 1.1 percent, but if we also consider the antigenic the percentage is 0.4 percent. In Rome city the infections are 65, in the other provinces 8 cases and zero deaths. This was communicated by the councilor for health of the Lazio Region, Alessio D’Amato.

Hospitalization and intensive care in Lazio

Hospitalizations and intensive care in Lazio The current positive cases of Covid-19 in Lazio are 3651. There are 254 patients hospitalized not in intensive care, while those hospitalized in intensive care are 74. In home isolation there are 3323 people. In total, 8313 people died and 333589 were cured. The total number of cases examined was 345553.

The new cases in Lazio Asl for Asl

Asl Roma 1: 28 cases and one death;

Asl Roma2: 24 cases and two deaths;

Asl Roma 3: 13 cases and zero deaths;

Asl Roma 4: 3 cases and zero deaths;

Asl Roma 5: 9 cases and zero deaths;

Asl Roma 6: 12 cases and zero deaths;

ASL Latina: 5 cases and zero deaths;

Asl Rieti: zero cases and zero deaths;

Asl Frosinone: 3 cases and zero deaths;

Asl Viterbo: zero cases and zero deaths.

Spallanzani Bulletin 24 June

They are hospitalized at the Spallanzani institute in Rome 46 positive patients at Covid. Of these, 11 are hospitalized in intensive care, number remained unchanged from yesterday. I’m 2834 people discharged and transferred to their home or other territorial structures. So we read in today’s bulletin released by the Roman hospital.


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