Windows 11, the presentation and release of the new Microsoft- operating system

Windows 11, the presentation and release of the new Microsoft- operating system
Windows 11, the presentation and release of the new Microsoft- operating system

Windows 11 will be unveiled in a few hours, during the event in streaming from 17.00 Italian. When Microsoft introduced Windows 10 in 2015, it also stated that that would be the final name, which there would be no Windows 10.5 or Windows 11 and that the necessary updates would simply arrive, as and when needed. Evidently from the parts of Redmond, in addition to celebrate the entry into the very restricted club of companies that are worth more than 2 trillion dollars on the stock market, in the meantime they have changed their minds.

What is known about the presentation of Windows 11

Windows 11, of which a large “leak” has been released online that has revealed many ideas, bound to change several things in the interface. From menu Start, a cornerstone of Windows since the fundamental Windows 95 version, which with Windows 11 will no longer be on the left but in the middle, with a style more akin to the Mac Dock. Live Tools will also disappear, an undigested inheritance of the forgettable Windows 8.

What is expected of Windows 11

From Windows 11 we expect much more than a refresh to the Start menu

. Microsoft will have to bring in its new operating system the possibilities of use opened by many, new two-in-one devices (like his Surface), give her touch and voice interfaces. destined to arrive a renewed Windows Store for applications, a new panel of Widget, a Ink Workspace for those PCs that use the digital stylus. But some reasoning on the deeper integration with i is also conceivable cloud collaboration services which are also the architrave of CEO Satya Nadella’s winning strategy. It is expected for example a boost to Microsoft Teams, which with the pandemic has had an explosion at the corporate level but which is marginal in the consumer market.

When the download will be available

The other news, including those concerning Windows 11 download availability and pricing of the new operating system, will be unveiled during the event, announced by Microsoft with a series of rather hermetic tweets, like this one:

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