TRUCE from HOT? NO, the WORST is yet to come! LATEST UPDATES »

TRUCE from HOT? NO, the WORST is yet to come! LATEST UPDATES »
TRUCE from HOT? NO, the WORST is yet to come! LATEST UPDATES »

Weather TEMPERATURE: TRUCE from HOT? NO, the WORST is yet to come! LATEST UPDATES

TEMPERATURE, on the wave of the TERRIBLE 2003. But will there be a TRUCE?For those who thought the hot could give one truce, we have bad news. If it is true that there will be a minimum decrease within the weekend (but we are talking about no more than 2/3 ° C), the latest updates of our APP we confirm today that the worst will come next week, starting from Monday.

L’African anticyclone it has now decided to take possession of the central area of ​​the Mediterranean making it feel its own boiling flu also on our country. Most affected by this African hot wave are the regions of South and in particular the Sicily, where values ​​were recorded record for the month of June, with peaks even close to 45 ° C. But it’s hot all over the place. Despite not reaching such critical values, the alti tassi of humidity they cause a very climate sultry al North, with a rather high index of physical discomfort.
On balance it really seems to review the terrible summer of 2003 also characterized by a last phase of June with temperature exceptionally higher than the climatological average of the period.
However, these are only current considerations, as we obviously do not have certainties about how the summer will continue and this is not even the right place to discuss it.
What interests us is to understand how the thermal picture will evolve in the coming days and especially when and if you can have a break from the great heat.

Between Thursday 24 and above all on Friday 25 a slight loss of power from the high pressure will favor an ephemeral exchange of air over the regions of the North and part of the Center, however, sufficient to make the mercury columns drop by a few degrees. Nothing special, God forbid, it will still be very hot, but at least you will be able to enjoy a less heavy climate and a more breathable atmosphere.
Few changes to the South where we will continue to have an incandescent context, even if not with the record highs of 45 ° C of the past few days.

Between Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 one is expected slight bending al South where the boiling heatwave will leave room for a less hot context despite the temperatures will remain well above average. But, on the other hand, an atmosphere will return heavy al CenterNorth, species from Sunday, due to yet another high pressure reinforcement complete with thermal rise.

When will we be able to enjoy a real break from this decidedly oppressive climate? Well, at the moment the only certainty is that this hot it will continue at least up to most (if not all) of the next week, and maybe it will be even worse
We will have to arm ourselves with patience.



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