Elisa Campeol, killed while sunbathing: what we know about the murder

Elisa Campeol, killed while sunbathing: what we know about the murder
Elisa Campeol, killed while sunbathing: what we know about the murder

Killed at the age of 35 with several stab wounds, while sunbathing quietly on the banks of the Piave in Moriago della Battaglia, in the province of Treviso. The cruel fate of Elisa Campeol, the victim of a murder who, at the moment, still leaves many question marks, despite the fact that the perpetrator has already constituted himself. One above all, the reason that prompted the 34-year-old Fabrizio Biscaro to commit the insane gesture.

Elisa Campeol, killed while sunbathing: what do we know

The lifeless body of the woman, owner of a bar in Pieve di Soligo, was found around 12.30 on Wednesday 23 June on the Island of the Dead: the terrible discovery was made by a hiker who, after sighting the body, immediately contacted 118 and the carabinieri. The body showed several stab wounds on the limbs, an element that suggests to the investigators that Elisa defended herself after being suddenly attacked. The death was caused precisely by the multiple stab wounds: the health workers who arrived on the spot made an extreme attempt to save her life, but unfortunately there was nothing to be done.

(The place where Elisa Campeol’s body was found – Photo from TrevisoToday)

Yesterday afternoon, a few hours after the discovery of the body, the turning point came: the killer, Fabrizio Biscaro, resident in Col San Martino, appeared shortly after the discovery of the body, presenting himself at the barracks in Valdobbiadene. When he arrived at the carabinieri, the 34-year-old still had blood on his hands and the knife with which he hit the victim several times in his backpack.

The yellow of the motive and the raptus hypothesis

The carabinieri of the investigative unit and of the Vittorio Veneto Company had immediately aimed at the murder: the young woman was allegedly attacked while she was sunbathing near the river bank. What remains to be understood is the reason that prompted the 34-year-old to kill Elisa: it will be up to the investigators to clarify the motive for the murder and what relationship there were between the young victim and her killer. There seems to be no connection between Elisa and her murderer, moreover, the carabinieri exclude the robbery for the moment since the handbag was found intact near the woman. At the moment the investigators do not exclude any hypothesis, but the most accredited track seems to be that of the sudden raptus of the murderer.

Who is Fabrizio Biscaro

Fabrizio Biscaro worked as a worker in a local company and was being treated at the local mental health center. On Tuesday his parents had reported his removal from home to the carabinieri. During the interrogation, to which he was subjected, assisted by the lawyer Rosa Parenti, the 34-year-old said that he wanted to “kill someone at random” and that he had hit for an “irrepressible fury”. Biscaro had been hospitalized six months ago following a suicide attempt, preceded by other serious acts of self-harm.

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