“I had to hire a bodyguard”

“I had to hire a bodyguard”
“I had to hire a bodyguard”

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June 23, 2021 4:30 pm

“I’m afraid, my stalker was seen under my house, I received threats with the words” I’ll cut your head “, I had to take a bodyguard. ” Barbara D ‘said in court in the courtroom in Rome. Urso, heard at the trial, held behind closed doors, which sees the 36-year-old Salvatore Fiorello from Catania, accused of stalking, in the dock. The facts began around 2017 when the man participated in a broadcast of D’Urso. From that moment on. the 36-year-old, with an Instagram profile under the name of ‘bacisolari’, began to pass himself off as the adopted son of the TV presenter, writing to the relatives of the presenter to ask to be able to see his “brothers.” Lately, however, the man has started to threaten the presenter online and storm the television editorial staff with phone calls. The deposition of the TV presenter, which was held behind closed doors, confirmed that the affair is a source of profound suffering for her. Also in the light of the suffering she testifies nza Judge Valerio Di Gioia ordered a psychiatric report for Fiorello and postponed the next hearing until 14 October.


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