Nicola Tanturli, doubts to Chi Seen ?. “The baby was very clean, why the alarm after 9 hours?”

Nicola Tanturli, doubts to Chi Seen ?. “The baby was very clean, why the alarm after 9 hours?”
Nicola Tanturli, doubts to Chi Seen ?. “The baby was very clean, why the alarm after 9 hours?”

Nicola Tanturli, the case of the disappearance of the 21-month-old baby who kept everyone apprehensive for 31 hours was reconstructed in Chi visto him by Federica Sciarelli’s editorial staff. Now the child, found in good condition yesterday morning in Mugello, just over 2 kilometers from his home in Palazzuolo sul Senio (Florence), is hospitalized as a precaution at the Meyer pediatric hospital in Florence for investigations. A happy ending for a story that still brings with it many questions and points to be clarified, as was underlined during the broadcast: all circumstances that will also be reported in the open file, for now without indications of suspects and hypotheses of crime, by the Prosecutor from Florence. A duty in these cases. The little one was found by Giuseppe Di Tommaso, journalist of “La vita live” on Rai 1. Could the child have traveled that journey alone? Was Nicola also clean despite all those hours spent in the woods? And why was the alarm raised by the parents 9 hours after the child disappeared? An attitude due to the fact that in the past even Nicola’s older brother had gone away alone (albeit at a shorter distance), triggering a search by parents and neighbors. In general, at least at the moment, there is also no element that suggests the involvement of other people.

Nicola Tanturli is alive: the missing child has been found in Mugello. “He was 3 km from home on an escarpment, he’s fine”

Nicola found in Mugello, the parents did not immediately raise the alarm

The first issue to clarify is that on the behavior of Pina e Leonard Tanturli, Nicola’s parents, who according to what has been reconstructed would have turned to the carabinieri only 9 hours after losing track of their son. La couple, in fact, would have noticed the absence of the child around midnight, while the carabinieri would have been notified at 9 am yesterday morning. A period of time in which, based on what they learned, the couple would look for their child around the house, hoping to be able to find him.

Nicola Tanturli found by Giuseppe Di Tommaso, journalist of “La Vita in Diretta”: “I yelled his name and he said” mom “”

The other knots to untie

At the time of the discovery, little Nicola wore gods sandals. It is not clear if the child was put to bed with the shoes on, or if he put them on his own before leaving. Furthermore, Nicola would have covered 4-5 kilometers on foot in over 30 hours of absence from home. According to the commander of the Scarperia carabinieri station, Danilo Ciccarelli, who was the first to rescue Nicola, on the embankment where the baby was found, “the grass was not crushed, my impression is that he hadn’t spent the night there”. All points that the investigation of the Public Prosecutor of Florence is called to clarify and for which it has opened a file.

Nicola found in Mugello, the incredible journey: he covered 4-5 km on foot, but did not sleep in the ravine

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