Naples, Spalletti categorical on Insigne. The coach was clear with De Laurentiis

The renewal of Lorenzo Insigne will continue to be one of the hottest topics over the next few weeks. Luciano Spalletti was very clear with the Azzurri club.

At home in Naples, the argument relating to the renewal of Lorenzo Insigne it is the most debated one. As Il Mattino reports, it is necessary to understand what Insigne will do in the face of a very probable offer to extend De Laurentiis downwards (it is difficult to think that Napoli can offer another 4.5 million per season): he will accept to stay to become a flag Will the new signing practically tie him up to the end of his career at Napoli? He doesn’t think about it. It says so, and it’s hard to believe it’s not true.

In any case, for Napoli, Insigne is always considered non-transferable. But if the market were to bring a proposal over € 30 million for the blue club, a very delicate choice would be posed. In this case, De Laurentiis and Giuntoli would be faced with a crossroads: to privilege the needs of Luciano Spalletti or listen to the sirens of a substantial income. The coach from Certaldo was categorical with the Neapolitan company, he wants the confirmation of the blue captain. He is also available to accept a possible departure of Fabian and Koulibaly, but not of Insigne.


Naples Spalletti categorical Insigne coach clear Laurentiis

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