“Goodbye to petrol and diesel cars by 2040”

“Goodbye to petrol and diesel cars by 2040”
“Goodbye to petrol and diesel cars by 2040”

Goodbye to petrol and diesel cars by 2040. According to the Minister of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility Enrico Giovannini, this is the date for the beginning of the era in which mobility will be electric only. “In the government we are still thinking. There are countries, such as those of northern Europe, which have set the limit for 2030. Others for 2040. In July, the indication of the European Commission will arrive. deadline, “he said in an interview with ‘la Repubblica’.

The PNRR has just received the OK from Europe. Was it obvious? “Absolutely not. The European Commission has been very careful: for each project presented there is a feasibility analysis with a very in-depth study. And the fact that the Commission was able to quickly approve the plan is a sign that it was done well”, replies the minister. For Infrastructures and Mobility you have 41 billion: “in reality there are 61 if we consider all the funds available. They will be needed. Sustainable infrastructures are a new concept: doing it according to the circular economy means designing them for reuse”. The ports “have a dedicated investment of 4 billion. I would say unprecedented. To transform them into green ports. What does this mean? First of all, bring the electricity to the quay, so the ships will turn off the diesel engines in the port. And then reduce the lead times. logistics to reduce its environmental impact “.

Will high-speed rail really arrive in the South in 5 years? “Not in the whole of the South, let’s say in part, on some sections. We start with Battipaglia-Tarsia, with a block that allows us to connect this section with Matera and Taranto. Then we will connect the Ionica. A challenge that we will win”.


Goodbye petrol diesel cars

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