Dieter: the Austrian in love with Italy who supports Azzurri

Dieter: the Austrian in love with Italy who supports Azzurri
Dieter: the Austrian in love with Italy who supports Azzurri

“As a child I fell in love with your country and I have always supported the Azzurri even against my country in 1990 and 1998. And we have always won …”. Now he has the dream of going to cheer on Monaco in the quarter-final

Since the European Championship began, a large tricolor flag has stood out from the window of his apartment in Neumarkt am Wallersee, near Salzburg. But this is not the home of an Italian who works in Austria, but of Dieter Schaden, 42, process manager of KTM, the famous motorcycle manufacturer. On Saturday the Viennese Dieter will cheer for the Azzurri and it will not be the first time, his story is curious and tasty.

In love with the boot

“From the age of one year I went to Cattolica on vacation with my parents. There is my home and since I was a child I started learning Italian. Your country has always fascinated me, and so when I went on a trip to Rome as a high school student, I was the one who was … the tour guide to my classmates. It was 1995 and on Sunday the Lazio-Roma derby was scheduled, I managed to find tickets to attend a wonderful show of passion and cheering. But I’ve already been supporting Italy since the 1990 World Cup, when Schillaci decided the match ”.

The 1998 encore at Radio Vienna

Dieter continues his story: “During the 1998 World Cup, I worked at Radio Vienna, precisely on sport. And on the day of the match against Italy in the editorial office they were all wearing the red jersey of Austria, except myself, who in the blue jersey was exulting at the goals of Vieri and Baggio “. The apotheosis in 2006 with the victory of the World Cup: “At the time I was already living in Milan, but at the beginning of July when the semifinal was played against Germany I was in Cattolica, at Christian’s Barcarlo. There it is always full of Germans and then with my friend it was decided to close the bar to enjoy the game and rejoice in peace. Then I returned to Milan and watched the final in Piazza Duomo, on the big screen. The memory still makes me shiver: I told it to my children Lisa and Fabian who were also educated to blue cheer. And the result is exceptional: with Turkey they enjoyed seeing Italy and rejoiced, then seeing Austria left them quite indifferent ”.

At the Azzurri home

Dieter worked for the Austrian tourism board in 2008, when the European Championship was held in Switzerland and in his country. And so he managed to get assigned to work at the Azzurri home in Oberwaltersdorf: “There I got to know several Azzurri including Gigi Buffon and Daniele De Rossi. A great joy. Too bad that since I was at work I couldn’t take pictures ”. Now Dieter, who is also a Milan fan (“I chose home near San Siro and followed the team also in the Champions League away games”) now has a dream: “It will be the third Italy-Austria that I live as a fan, hoping there won’t be two … without three with victories. But I have never been able to see the Azzurri live. I really hope to do it for the quarter-finals scheduled in Munich, from Salzburg it’s a couple of hours by train ”.

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