“My cousin hit her”: the bruise appears on Saman’s face

“My cousin hit her”: the bruise appears on Saman’s face
“My cousin hit her”: the bruise appears on Saman’s face

How many men did it take to bend and indeed break the iron will of Saman Abbas? This is the question Federica Sciarelli asked herself in yesterday’s episode of “Who has seen?”, In which, among other things, the mystery of the bruise on Saman’s face was revealed.

From the testimonies of the young woman’s boyfriend it emerged that it was a cousin who hit her. But this is neither the cousin who has not yet been found by the authorities, nor the one who is currently in prison waiting to shed light on the fate of the 18-year-old Pakistani woman who opposed the pre-defined wedding. The cousin who allegedly hit Saman would be Irfan, who in recent weeks has claimed to have helped Saman’s fugitive parents. Irfan said Shabbar had contracted a debt with the travel agency, so the man asked him to act as an intermediary for the purchase of a ticket to Pakistan only for his wife. “I’m ashamed to talk to him”, Irfan had commented in the past referring to Shabbar and the actions committed towards his daughter.

But, according to the testimony of Saman’s boyfriend, the cousin allegedly hit Saman after discovering that she was still having an affair with this boy. He would later threaten her and keep an eye on her like one does prisoner. Irfan, joined by a correspondent of “Who has seen it?”, Flatly denied.

Meanwhile, in addition to the men, two other women linked to the Abbas family have been investigated. For them a European investigation warrant.

However, Saman’s body is not found. And someone wonders if he wasn’t brought into one porcilaia. In the vicinity of the Abbas’ house in Novellara, however, there are only two disused piggies, but this is not the only point. It is difficult for his torturers to have given Saman to pigs because the pig is an impure animal for Islam, it is more likely that they buried it: word of the journalist Ahmad Ejaz |, who in recent weeks has helped the editorial staff of “Who has seen it?”, translating Saman’s chats with her boyfriend. Ejaz proposes honorary citizenship for Saman and pushes to obtain, in agreement with the trade associations, a law against forced marriages. “In Italy – commented – a lot of work has been done on infibulation but not yet on forced organized marriages”.


cousin hit bruise appears Samans face

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