Fabbrica del Vapore: almost 800,000 visitors in 5 years

From 2016 to 2020 there were 789,107 visitors to the Fabbrica del Vapore, which hosted 19 co-productions for 1,995 days of opening to the public. Furthermore, since 2018 the spaces have hosted temporary events and exhibitions, whether for consideration or free of charge, for a total of 1,200 days.

The spaces of the Fabbrica del Vapore are divided into lots dedicated to the realization of public events, managed directly by the Municipality of Milan, such as the Cathedral, the Messina space, the Ex-cisterns, the Sala delle Colonne and the square, and 15 spaces for a total of 5,500 square meters which are awarded through concessions. For the assignment of one of the latter, the exploratory notice for expressions of interest for the enhancement of the building in via Luigi Nono is open from 2 March.

“The Fabbrica del Vapore in recent years has become more and more a point of reference for the city, especially for young people, artists and families – comments Deputy Mayor Anna Scavuzzo – and we are thinking about how to continue this path of enhancement. Among the ideas we are evaluating is the identification of a concessionaire to whom to entrust the development of a cultural proposal and the enhancement of the spaces as a location for events, all obviously in line with the Fabbrica identity and under the supervision of internal coordination “.

For the residences, which lasted about 200 days from 2018, in 2020 the Board adopted the guidelines for the concession of the management service of residential, cultural and artistic-aggregative activities with the aim of identifying an economic operator to whom entrust the enhancement activity and the procedures for the publication of the public notice are in progress.


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