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Rome, with “Silence please” pajamas become the “must have” item of the most glamorous outings

Rome, with “Silence please” pajamas become the “must have” item of the most glamorous outings
Rome, with “Silence please” pajamas become the “must have” item of the most glamorous outings

It was enough to create the first prototypes with eccentric fabrics and wear them on a summer evening to get noticed and arouse the curiosity of friends and others. Today, one year after that, the Romanesque designer 29-year-old Ludovica Del Prete and Federica Fiorentini, manage a real brand with garments designed as pajamas adapted to outfits to go out and impress! It all dates back to August 2019 when Ludovica sends a message with a photo of a pajama to Federica, writing: «I can’t find one that I like; it is the only dress I would produce ». A few words, but enough to ignite the spark of the project: «Let’s do them», replies without thinking twice her friend, currently owner and co-partner of the brand “Silence Please“. After a year, the first model was born, a tunic and trousers strictly in silk and in different colors and designs. An iconic two-piece with timeless lines: it is “Lucille”, destined to remain as “Must have” of the collection permanently.

«During the pandemic people have got used to wearing comfortable clothes, but without having to give up elegance “, explain Ludovica and Federica who, for summer 2021, propose soft pajamas, all in silk and with many patterns, from the most chic to the most extravagant, to be perfect hosts, always ready to welcome guests, or women and men who make style the manifesto of a strong personality that does not fear judgments and that dictates a trend. “It is to this clientele that we address – explain the two entrepreneurs – Niche buyers who understand fashion and who search for original and stylish outfits, even putting his face on it. Elegant people who feel at ease in their pajamas inside and out ». In particular, the “Silence Please” woman is aged between 25 and 60, is characterized by a marked independence, with international and cosmopolitan tendencies and, for this reason, is reflected in a dynamic figure who travels frequently.

However, she remains attached to her living and working in the city. The designed models are suitable for any occasion, from business appointments to important evenings, from aperitifs on the beach to cocktail parties and weddings. The garments, which can be purchased in the showroom in via di Santa Prisca 15 in Rome, on the e-commerce site (which will be online shortly) and also via Instagram from the “Silence please collection” profile, have a cost that varies from 350 to 400 euros and, despite the price not exactly for all budgets, last Christmas, thanks to the restrictions that required staying at home, they went “sold out” among those who did not want to give up elegance within the four walls of the home. “There is a lot of demand. There is no quality product like ours that is accessible luxury “, explain Ludovica, who left the IED in Rome, an expert in Communication and Graphics, and Federica, with an economic background and a master’s degree in” Fashion media production “in London. , for their brand, they let themselves be inspired by the Eternal City.

The place where they were born and which they consider “the most beautiful in the world”. But their life experiences and the passions they cultivate, such as cinema, travel, fashion and books, also suggest ideas for the sketches. Their concept of elegance, however, also brings together the past and the future: «We are grown up with our grandmothers and we learned everything there was to know about the finest style. Now, for our next project, let’s think about tomorrow and about safeguarding the planet ”, conclude the two entrepreneurs from Rome. For a fashion show dedicated to sustainable and innovative fashion, in fact, they are ready to amaze with pajamas made of fabrics belonging to unused stocks.

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