Portugal-France, CM’s report cards: Mbappé in the shade, finally Benzema. Ronaldo as Ali Daei, infinite | First page

Portugal-France, CM’s report cards: Mbappé in the shade, finally Benzema. Ronaldo as Ali Daei, infinite | First page
Portugal-France, CM’s report cards: Mbappé in the shade, finally Benzema. Ronaldo as Ali Daei, infinite | First page

Portoagllo-Francia 2-2

Rui Patricio 6.5:
He responds to Mbappé’s shooting and can do nothing about Benzema’s penalty. Then he is monstrous on Pogba’s round shot aided by the post.

Semedo 6: Grinds kilometers in the band, despite himself he is the protagonist of the episode that grants the 1-1 penalty to France (dal 79 ‘Dalot sv)

Pepe 6: Coordinates the defensive department with the leadership of the heyday, it is not on his side that

Ruben Dias 5.5: Benzema is almost never seen, from his side one does not pass.

Warrior 5.5: Deschamps’ move to lock down the French right wing is effective and in fact we see little and nothing.

Renato Sanches 6.5: Purposeful even if a bit confusing, it is from his plays that many of the offensive gusts of the Lusitanians start (from 88 ‘Sergio Oliveira sv)

João Moutinho 6.5: Chosen in place of Bruno Fernandes, it gives order and geometries that have not been seen so far for the Portuguese. He tries the shot several times, but is not lucky (part 73 ‘Ruben Neves sv)

Danilo 7: He runs and plays for two, phenomenal as a breakwater in front of the defense and also gets the 1-0 penalty, putting more than his head at risk. He can’t go (from 46 ‘Palinha 5.5 Alternates good plays and dribbling exits with questionable choices. Pogba suffers at the limit)

Bernardo Silva 5: Lots, lots of smoke and little, very little roast (dal 72′ Bruno Fernandes 6: in growth compared to the first releases, which risk on Coman in the final)

Ronaldo 7: He is the most feared of his men and France practically marks him as a man, which is why he is rarely served on the ball and struggles to get active. When it counts, however, there is and the two penalties converted are worth gold and the record equaled by Ali Daei. Infinity.

Jota 5: The unpredictable elf of the first releases is not seen. Unexcused absentee at the Puskas Arena.

All. Fernando Santos 6: Deschamps gags his left-handed lane and he harnesses his cool and speed on the right. Moutinho is the safe second hand that never betrays.

Lloris 5
: The crazy exit on Danilo is more like a red than a yellow one, the penalty granted could cost dearly.

Koundé 5.5: The full-back is not his role, but he adapts and defensively does not suffer. In the offensive phase, however, it is like not having it.

Early 6.5: He always gives support on the flanks, you don’t pass with him centrally

Horn 6: More impetuous than his partner, he is solid in defensive plays, but at times he is too aggressive and risks the card several times (which arrives on time).

Hernandez 5: Taken in by Renato Sanches and Semedo, he never manages to push and suffers from every Portuguese offensive gust (from 46 ‘Digne sv: immediately injured; from 51 ‘Rabiot 6 deployed full back, he adapts and does not look bad)).

Pogba 7: More director and assistman than median, flashes of pure class and a very warm foot. Only Rui Patricio (with the help of the post) denied him the goal.

Kanté 5,5: the potential golden ball is practically never seen and even in the usual defensive dirty work he struggles to excel.

Tolisso 5: The tactical move in midfield distorts him and the French attack. He struggles to find a place and space and in the end he raises the white flag (from 66 ‘Coman 6: a few flashes, a little more).

Griezmann 6: He does a lot more as a midfielder than a striker, but in the end he provides a performance like his role. There in the middle, without peaks. (from 88 ‘Sissoko sv)

Mbappé 5.5: The most anticipated player is seen only when he falls to the ground, obtaining a penalty that 9 times out of 10 is not there. Fortunately for him, it is the time that he allows an ugly and dirty France to return to the game, but more is expected from the Blue star.

Benzema 7: For 45 minutes he is practically never seen, but from the penalty onwards his game changes. First the 1-1 which is worth double, for themselves who find the goal in the national team after 5 years and for France who put a difficult game back on their feet.

All. Deschamps 5,5: He tries to tactically harness Portugal and in part he succeeds, but offensively he loses much of the unpredictability he would have available. Luckily for him there are Pogba and Benzema.

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