fine to the oratory for noises. Vigilants collect and pay the penalty to the parish priest

fine to the oratory for noises. Vigilants collect and pay the penalty to the parish priest
fine to the oratory for noises. Vigilants collect and pay the penalty to the parish priest

They raised the fine as agents, and then organized the spontaneous collection to allow the parish priest to pay the fine as “fathers and mothers”. The story with a happy ending, of those that are good for the heart and the spirit comes from a parish in Aurelio. A story that has begun “with a bitter taste in the mouth which then turned into an act of generosity“, as Father Salvatore Cipolla tells us.

The story to be made public in the press, of those that are good for the heart, begins at 7:30 pm on Monday afternoon, when some residents of the buildings near the parish of Santa Maria Immacolata di Lourdes in via Santa Bernadette, request the intervention of the Local Police of Rome Capital for screams, noises and music with a too high volume coming from the boys, about a hundred, who were in the oratory of the church as every day.

Hence the intervention of the traffic police, with one of the applicants particularly “fierce“who also took to the streets to express her disappointment at the disturbing noises. A request that Carmine Salvatore Cipolla tries to satisfy:”There were over a hundred children and teenagers, I tried to explain to the lady what we were doing but she didn’t want to hear reasons. In respect of the neighborhood we then turned off the music and continued our activities with the animators, letting the children play“.

Then the arrival of the Local Police patrol: “Disorder of public peace“, this is the 350 euro fine drawn up by the ‘white helmets’,”but it was understood that for their duty they could not do otherwise – rstill accounts in Rome Today Father Salvatore -. They were tried and mortified but they could not do otherwise. The law is the same for everyone. “” Despite the 350 euro report, they told me that I could have recourse to a fine within 60 days of notification. ”

The agents of the Local Police return to the Command of the XIII Aurelio Group, the rumor circulates among the brigade who, spontaneously, as “free citizens and parents“, they organize a collection. They put together the 350 euros of the fine”and they call me to the parish office – still tells the priest originally from Riccia, in the province of Campobasso – informing me that one of the agents, as a private citizen, as a father, would come to the parish to bring me the money of the fine that the day before had been obliged to register me

A story that started badly and ended with a happy ending. “I am touched and speechless – concludes Don Salvatore, parish priest of the Aurelio church since 2018 -. I got a lot of solidarity from the whole neighborhood. Everyone knows the great educational work that the Parish has been carrying out in the area for 43 years and that is why the good has made more noise than this unpleasant episode. In the end, good always wins“.

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