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US, Republicans in the Senate sink electoral reform

US, Republicans in the Senate sink electoral reform
US, Republicans in the Senate sink electoral reform

In the US, there is a battle over electoral reform. The Republicans sank the “For the people Act” in the Senate, the democratic bill to strengthen and broaden (to minorities) the right to vote, already approved in the House in March without the support of the Grand Old Party. It was a procedural vote to open the debate but the opposition has exploited the filibustering rules, which require a quorum of 60 senators out of 100 (Democrats have 50). The appeals and warnings of Joe Biden (who made it a priority on his agenda) and Barack Obama went unheeded.

The opposition of the Republicans

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Republicans, who in various states are enacting restrictive electoral laws, have made a solid wall, arguing that it is a coup by the Democrats to seize power forever and evoking the unfounded accusations of electoral fraud launched by Donald Trump. The Grand Old Party did not want to open the discussion even on a compromise proposal by John Manchin, the most moderate of the dem senators. A proposal publicly endorsed by Barack Obama and by Biden himself.

Biden: battle over voting reform is not over

“The battle is far from over,” said President Biden. “I have been engaged in this work all my career and we will strengthen our efforts to win again, for the people, for our true democracy.” Biden he went on to say that “it was the abolition of a law to put an end to the suppression of the vote, another attack on voting rights, sadly unprecedented”. The US president praised the unity of the dem and criticized the “solid republican wall of opposition”.

Crucial reform for the dem

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For the Democrats, this is a crucial reform to strengthen and expand voting rights, deemed under assault after the attack on Congress by Trump supporters who wanted to overturn the outcome of the presidential elections. Now they could consider changing the rules of filibustering. Biden has so far said he is against it, betting on a bipartisan collaboration but the continuing wall of the Grand Old Party could lead him to rethink. At stake are its maxi-plans for work and infrastructure, but also other laws such as those on weapons, police reform and immigration, all key issues in view of the 2022 Midterm elections. the party left, increasingly frustrated by the stalemate of the agenda due to republican obstruction.


Republicans Senate sink electoral reform

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