Novara, who cares about all the Adil Belakhdim of Italy?

Last Friday Adil Belakhdim, trade unionist of Yes Cobas, died overwhelmed by a truck during a strike in front of the gates of the Lidl in Biandrate, in the province of Novara. He was 37 and leaves behind a wife and two children.

According to witnesses, the Tir dragged Adil for about twenty meters.

The truck driver, a 25-year-old from the province of Caserta, he constituted himself to a carabinieri crew at the Novara Ovest motorway tollbooth, after an escape of a few kilometers. He is accused of street murder, resistance and wrongful death. The death of a trade unionist, invested during a union presidency, is a very serious fact, which requires a collective reflection on the working conditions of those who work in the logistics.

Parliament must be questioned clearly and deep on this issue, also because the boom in online shopping determined a year and a half of pandemic has made all the contradictions within this sector explode even more forcefully.

In the last period, in fact, we are witnessing an intolerable escalation of episodes of serious social conflict: already on 11 June, in Lodi, in front of the warehouses of the Zampieri of Tavazzano (Lodi), a garrison organized by workers to protest the layoffs by a logistics company that worked for Fedex, was attacked by a group of workers and company bodyguards with sticks, pieces of pallets and stones who, apparently, acted in a completely undisturbed manner in front of the police who were a few steps from the incident .

A civilized country cannot tolerate people dying while fighting for their rights. For not wanting to lower his head to work 14-15 hours a day at 700-800 euros gross, with pirate contracts or collective agreements such as “multiservices” or “fiduciary services” which provide wages of up to 3.50 euros per hour, instead of logistics. A life spent a negotiate on everything, on meal vouchers, on the payment of sickness, holidays and severance pay, on production bonuses, on permanent employment after 18 months of insecurity, on unpaid overtime. On punishment and blackmail just because you ask for rights. It is not acceptable.

It is not acceptable that, in our country, in 2021, work and the exercise of trade union freedoms could put a worker’s life at risk. Crocodile tears are useless. Concrete facts are needed, immediate interventions in a sector such as that of logistics where, unfortunately too often, aggressive policies and exploitation of personnel are in force. They are needed urgent responses by the institutions. Those same institutions that have not listened for too long, pretend not to see, and do not speak to the workers.

Institutions and trade unions so distant from the world of work that they do not even know what happens in the places where workers live more than half their lives and sometimes they die from political and trade union inertia that does not guarantee due safety and fundamental rights. It serves the guaranteed minimum wage, as we have been asking for a long time 5 star movement. Solid rights are needed for male and female workers. We need a serious law that contrasts the so-called industrial hiring, a new form of exploitation that penalizes workers by throwing them into a state of modern slavery. I myself have filed a draft law to this effect currently under discussion in the work commission together with other proposals.

We need competent, trained and specialized people within the Ministries able to manage, for example, the crisis tables. Not “people” apathetic, ignorant and indifferent to the problems and dynamics of the world of work. Battles that today we must carry on for Fair, and for all the Adil of Italy.

If we have to talk about a restart, then let’s start again from rights, but those of the gods male and female workers.

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