Cesena, take the two-year-old child, sick, to the hospital: he dies. Prosecutor’s investigation

Cesena, take the two-year-old child, sick, to the hospital: he dies. Prosecutor’s investigation
Cesena, take the two-year-old child, sick, to the hospital: he dies. Prosecutor’s investigation

For the parents, little Diego Georgiev, still two years to go, could have been saved and precious hours were lost in the Cesena hospital, before deciding to move to Bologna. Where he died on June 18th. For this Gambettola’s mum and dad (Forlì-Cesena) filed a complaint and the Bologna Public Prosecutor’s Office opened a file on the case. To ask for an autopsy and for clarity to be made and any responsibilities to be ascertained.

Little Diego
The hypothesis

Diego was the eldest son of a young couple of Bulgarian origin but from a life in Italy, Angel and Vania, respectively 35 and 31, have long been Italian citizens. Their child, with a contagious smile, was born in Cesena. He would have turned two on July 24th. Doctors have put forward numerous hypotheses, a form of meningitis, a rare virus, myocarditis, even Covid, to try to motivate parents to lose their only child.. There is no certain answer to date. The family cannot understand why from the Bufalini hospital in Cesena, where Diego was initially hospitalized, despite having understood the extreme gravity of the situation, they let precious time pass before implementing what they had already established for several hours, namely the transfer to the more equipped garrison of Sant’Orsola in Bologna. For this reason, to shed full light on the facts, mum and dad decided to rely on Studio3A-Valore SpA and on Monday they filed a complaint with the Cesena carabinieri asking the prosecutor to arrange a “third” autopsy, appointing one of its medical consultants, to ascertain the causes of death and any health care responsibilities, instead of the diagnostic check scheduled on Tuesday at the initiative of the Bologna health company.

A healthy baby

The little boy had never suffered from any pathology and even the slight alteration that occurred on Monday 14 June seemed like a passing low-grade fever: his mother had given him Tachipirina, the temperature had dropped and the next day the child was already faint. But on Wednesday the fever starts to rise again, Diego begins to tremble and then his parents take him to his pediatrician, who finds plaques and prescribes Nurofen. But in the afternoon the temperature continues to rise, over 38 degrees, the child also begins to vomit, hence the decision of mum and dad to take him to the Bufalini emergency room and then to pediatrics, where, despite the administration of an antiemetic drug, the vomiting crises do not cease, so much so that a drip is needed to replenish fluids.

Intermittent fever

Thursday morning the child is a little better, the worst seems to have passed, he also eats something, but that same afternoon the situation worsens: the fever spikes above 39, the Tachipirina no longer has any effect, he sweats and no longer responds to stimuli: the pressure is sky high. Alarmed, in the evening the pediatrician on duty also mobilizes colleagues from other departments for an urgent consultation, particularly in Cardiology, because it seems that the problems are related to the heart, which struggles to “pump”, and there is fear of possible brain damage. The little patient, before being transported to the Intensive Care Unit, is also and above all seen by the head of pediatrics and it is he himself, at 2 am, who informs his parents, in spasmodic waiting in the hospital room, that the situation is serious and that at 7 am (Friday 18 June) their little son will be transferred to Sant’Orsola in Bologna. But 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 go by and the little one does not leave: mom and dad cannot understand what the Cesena doctors are waiting for. Finally, around 11.30, the ambulance with the baby moves towards Bologna: not even the time to set foot at Sant’Orsola when the child collapses and is caught by the hair by the doctors who are waiting for him and who immediately explain to the parents that his condition is critical and that their little son is in grave danger of life.

Tragic ending

I sanitari they decide to undergo a delicate heart surgery scheduled for that same evening, but Diego will not get there in the operating room: he dies at 19.30. At the news, the world collapses on their parents and doubts and questions about the management of the “Bufalini” begin to arise in them. For which they seek answers, so much so that they have therefore relied on Studio3A-Valore SpA and presented a direct complaint to the judiciary. “In Bologna they told us that, if only Diego had arrived with a little more strength, if only they had had a little more time, perhaps they would have been able to save him – explains mum Vania, destroyed by pain – We ask to understand what our son died of, the doctors at Bufalini were groping in the dark, and above all because they did not take him immediately to Sant’Orsola. Was it negligence? Otherwise, would he still be alive? ‘ Compelling questions that ask for answers.

Investigation in the Prosecutor’s Office

In the late morning the last twist. An investigation has been opened and an autopsy has already been ordered, as requested by the parents. On the desk of the Bologna prosecutor Marco Forte there is a dossier for manslaughter, currently against unknown persons, for the death of little Diego Georgiev, who died on 18 June at the Sant’Orsola hospital for reasons and circumstances to be clarified. . The prosecutor then, having received the complaint from mom and dad, assisted by Studio3A – “noted that from the reading of the documents, facts emerge that require technical analysis in order to understand the reasons for the child’s death and any criminal liability that may arise” to quote the report of the appointment -, he ordered the autopsy examination, entrusted to the forensic doctor of the Institute of Legal Medicine of Bologna Guido Pelletti. The autopsy is scheduled for Friday at Sant’Orsola and Dr. Pierfrancesco Monaco, a family medical examiner made available by Studio3A, will also be present. The same magistrate arranged to acquire the medical records of the young patient, both that relating to his short stay at the Bolognese hospital (a few hours), and that of the previous hospitalization at the Bufalini hospital in Cesena.

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