iPhone, what do users miss most?

According to a poll, the feature that iPhone users most yearn for is the Touch ID fingerprint sensor and, the same users, would like to see it equipped on the next one iPhone 13.

It is no secret that, even due to a pandemic, iPhone owners would like to have the dual biometric recognition option available. A bit like most Android phones that have a fingerprint sensor and two-dimensional facial recognition.

On the other hand, it was not difficult to see in the previous months several iPhone users who, every time they had to unlock the smartphone, lowered the mask for a moment. This problem, many times, led to letting go of the Face ID and directly entering your unlock code.

Apple recently patched it up by helping to identify the owner by authenticating with Apple Watch. The point is that not all users own an Apple Watch and yet, if you didn’t have it on your wrist, the operation would still fail.

Returning to the survey, in addition to crowning the Touch ID for the upcoming iPhone 13, there are other interesting results:

  1. Touch ID – 32,68%
  2. iPhone 13 cheaper – 20.84%
  3. 3.5mm headphone jack – 13.56%
  4. 3D Touch – 9%
  5. Accessories in the box – 8.26%
  6. Aluminum construction – 5.55%
  7. Body level camera – 3.95%
  8. Only one iPhone model per year – 3.7%
  9. A more curvy iPhone – 2.47%

We’ve already talked about the possibility that Apple is actually thinking of bring the Touch ID back to iPhone, it being understood that since the advent of the iPhone X it has always asserted that Face ID was the future of biometric authentication. But the scenarios have changed and, if so, the company will be abundantly forgiven for reasons of force majeure.

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