Vatican against Zan’s bill, what’s behind the tear and what Cardinal Bassetti has to do with

Vatican against Zan’s bill, what’s behind the tear and what Cardinal Bassetti has to do with
Vatican against Zan’s bill, what’s behind the tear and what Cardinal Bassetti has to do with

The reading that is given in the heart of Vatican power of the tear of the Holy See on the Zan law on homophobia refers to the precarious equilibrium in the Catholic world; the complicated relationship between the papacy of Francis and the Italian episcopate; and dissatisfaction with the president, Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti, and with the Catholic press, softly accused of excessive shyness.

The complaints against the government and Parliament where a contested and divisive law is under discussion must be filtered with lenses that do not only concern relations with Palazzo Chigi, the M5S and a substantial part of the left. The protest note of which he gave the news the Courier service, accused of violating certain provisions of the Concordat, it is first and foremost a way to recompose a poised unit. And it reflects the concern of the Italian Church to find itself with legislation that would cause any priest to end up “in the meat grinder of accusations of discrimination and homophobia”.

On the other hand, the pressure of some sectors of the episcopate on Bassetti had been growing for months. We wanted a clear, hard stance: even at the cost of being accused of an interference from other times. But he waited because of the coronavirus epidemic, and the need not to exacerbate an opposition unwelcome to the Pope and slippery due to political implications. “The CEI had spoken twice, but with too accommodating tones ”, he explains. “A sign of weakness“. Exponents such as the former president of the CEI, Camillo Ruini, gave a voice to those who wanted an attitude of clear opposition.

The Vatican turning point came after last June 17 the ambassador of Italy to the Holy See, Pietro Sebastiani, received the note from the hands of the “foreign minister”, the English Monsignor Richard Gallagher.

In the end, the need to strike a blow prevailed, however sensational and without excluding the possibility of a stiffening of the political forces. In the Vatican initiative there is a calculation: that of dividing less granitic parties and alignments in support of the law than appears officially.The Zan law is considered the daughter of a phase of government cemented along the «radicalizing axisThis is how Nicola Zingaretti defined the then Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and the then Secretary of the Democratic Party.

Under the heading, representatives of the Five Stars and the Democratic Party admit that some reason the Vatican can encamp it. It is known, for example, that in recent months the relations between Monsignor Gallagher and the grillino Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio, have consolidated. But these are positions that appear to be minorities. Also because there are even bishops perplexed by the initiative taken by Gallagher on behalf of the secretariat of state and endorsed by Francis. The fear is that it will give breath to anyone who invokes a cancellation of the Concordat; to those who ask the Church to pay the arrears on their properties; and points the finger at the pedophilia of priests.

Someone has even attempted to credit the note from the Holy See as “a trip to Bassetti and a spite of the Pope”: a grotesque and insulting thesis against the pontiff. The reality is that the Giallorossi M5S-Pd axis has long had powerful sides in the Catholic hierarchies. The confusion of reactions that the initiative is provoking testifies to how much the move arrived from Oltretevere displaces positions taken for granted.

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The leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, sided with the CEI with the rest of the center-right, in moderate tones asked to see Letta to find a mediation. But it will not be easy, with a divided and exhausted political system and Catholic world. Perhaps it is a coincidence but a book by Catholic intellectuals is coming out, including Giuseppe De Rita, Andrea Riccardi and Romano Prodi, but also the director Liliana Cavani, on the decline of the Italian Church. Title: «The lost flock».

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