Denise Pipitone, investigated former PM: “Maria Angioni issued false statements”

Denise Pipitone, investigated former PM: “Maria Angioni issued false statements”
Denise Pipitone, investigated former PM: “Maria Angioni issued false statements”

The former prosecutor of Marsala Maria Angioni, who investigated the disappearance of the little girl Denise Pipitone, the little girl who disappeared on September 1, 2004 in Mazara del Vallo, is being investigated on charges of false statements to the public prosecutor by the Public Prosecutor of Marsala. The woman, now a labor judge in Sassari, has received an invitation to appear elwarranty information. She was interrogated today.

The magistrate, in recent times, since the media interest in the case has started to mount, has made numerous statements on the affair. A little over a week ago, during a Rai program, Angioni came to to sustain, based on unspecified evidence in its possession, than the little disappearance in Scilia 17 years ago, is still alive and unaware of her past. Not only. This alleged Denise he would also have a daughter. The former prosecutor said she was able to identify Piera Maggio’s daughter “with the help of a person, in an international context”. He did not then disseminate further elements that supported his thesis.

Also after the report, starting from a Russian TV program, of a girl in search of her mother who would have been similar to Denise, the former prosecutor in charge of the file also spoke of a “kidnapping” in which they would be involved “two groups, the good and the bad”. A thesis, this, supported on the basis of the observation of some people carried out at the time of the first investigations which, according to the magistrate, would have done by “sentinel“in the streets of Mazara during the period of Denise’s disappearance, with the aim of hindering the investigation.

There was also a protest for alleged obstacles which, at the time of the first investigation, would have been interposed between the prosecutor and the truth by people involved in the investigation, but also by members of the police. “There were so many oddities. I was stuck in the investigation. That investigation was a minefield, wherever I turned I found it difficult “

Between one statement and another, prosecutor Angioni has now become one media star, appearing in numerous television shows dealing with the case of Denise Pipitone.

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