When the Pd candidate in Bologna said: “The coronavirus is a media phenomenon”

When the Pd candidate in Bologna said: “The coronavirus is a media phenomenon”
When the Pd candidate in Bologna said: “The coronavirus is a media phenomenon”

Matteo Lepore is the mayoral candidate of the center left in Bologna after winning the primary on Sunday 20 June. Currently councilor in force for the Democratic Party in the Emilian capital, Lepore in the past has indulged in at least questionable statements on the epidemic of coronavirus. Evaluation errors made in February 2020, when the epidemic had not yet broken out with all its strength but the case of Codogno and Vo ‘Euganeo was already mounting in Italy, declared red zone 2 days before Lepore spoke.

It was the site Affaritaliani.it to search for possible gaffes made by the candidate for mayor of the Democratic Party and, as they say, in the end those who seek find. For Matteo Lepore it was not even necessary to look long in reality, because the declaration on the coronavirus dates back to February 25, 2020, just a year and a half and ago. The country was beginning to feel that it was involved in something very important but the councilor for culture of Bologna at that moment minimized: “As we have seen the coronavirus is a media phenomenon more than real. The flu this winter is much more invasive than this virus which is creating a lot of problems, a lot of worries right now, but it’s more a matter of perception“.

A perception that in a year and a half has made 127 thousand victims only in our country and which has also hit hard in its Emilia Romagna, where there are over 13 thousand deaths in a year and a half. Very high numbers for the region with the capital Bologna, which is the second in Italy for the number of deaths from the Covid epidemic after Lombardy.

But the gaffes, if they can be called that, by Matteo Lepore did not end here. Taking a step back in time by 10 years, Affaritaliani.it found a declaration made by the candidate for mayor at the administrative offices of Bologna when Marco Lombardelli he was appointed head of the cabinet by the junta and the mayor. The controversy surrounding the candidate arose because Lombardelli is in possession of only an eighth grade diploma.

A scholastic education considered by many insufficient to fill that role but Lepore defended his colleague with the sword, stating that in reality Lombardelli obtained his diploma as an optician through a course and not a high school. Lombardelli resigned shortly after Lepore’s statements, just a handful of hours, plus there Court of Auditors condemned the Municipality of Bologna to pay 30 thousand euros in tax damage.


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