serious a 69 year old. Dead beagle

serious a 69 year old. Dead beagle
serious a 69 year old. Dead beagle

Hunt for a white delivery van. Local police investigators are certain they have excellent elements in hand to be able to stop the hit-and-run driver that yesterday morning shortly after dawn on Nomentana, near via Val d’Ossola, he hit a man while crossing the street on the pedestrian crossing with his dog on a leash. The victim is hospitalized in serious condition at the Policlinico Umberto I with multiple injuries and a reserved prognosis. For his pet, a beagle dog, on the other hand, which ended up under the wheels of the van, there was nothing to be done. The 69-year-old Roman, who lives a few meters from the accident site, had gone out early to take a walk, accompanied by his faithful friend on a leash.

Run over with the dog on the stripes, the dynamics

At that time the traffic, especially in that area of ​​the city, is already hectic. The man looked out over the strips, checked that the road was clear and began to cross holding the snare tightly with the animal in tow. Arrived more or less in the middle, a van swooped down on them at high speed and overwhelmed them in full. The dog, which ended up under the wheels, was dragged for a few meters, while the 69-year-old was thrown to the side of the road. The driver, however, instead of stopping, continued to push on the accelerator, disappearing into traffic. The injured was rescued by three ATAC inspectors. One of them, Federica, gave him heart massage while waiting for the ambulance. And among the first to arrive was also his wife who had heard the screams and the sound of sirens, and had left the house. Nothing to do, however, for the dog, mercifully covered with a sheet, as is usually done for road victims. Then the reliefs.


The first witnesses said they saw “that van leave without even slowing down”. And the license plate numbers, not all, but certainly important. There are also images from area cameras that captured the fugitive’s pickup truck. His arrest would only be a matter of hours.
There is no shortage of controversy over the danger of that stretch of road, on “those faded pedestrian crossings, which are hardly seen”, say some residents and then “the cars that run too much”. Ingredients that have earned Nomentana the nickname of “cursed road”. To this must be added the insane behavior of those who – despite the very strict rules laid down by the highway code – choose to flee, instead of stopping and giving help.

Accident in A1, tanker catches fire: two truck drivers died. Motorway closed between Piacenza and Fiorenzuola for two hours, then one lane opened

In 2020 in Rome an average of about 15 accidents per month, more or less serious, with drivers who had fled was recorded. The peak the previous year with 128 cases in the first six months alone, practically almost one a day. Returning to the investigations, however, the agents of the Nomentano group sifted through all the cameras, including those of the junction, the escape route that the driver of the van would have chosen, who risks being increased the penalty for serious injuries not less than 3 years in prison, unless he has similar precedents, otherwise the bill of justice will be even more expensive.


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