Vaccines in Puglia administered 94.9% of doses, but there is a shortage of Pfizer. Covid, the cases in the Taranto prison rise to 40

BARI – There are 3,225,253 doses of the anti-Covid vaccine administered to date in Puglia, equal to 94.9% of those received, which are 3,399,214. Puglia is third in the national ranking after Lombardy and Marche. ASL Bari reminds “that, due to the needs of rescheduling vaccination sessions, the hubs will stop tomorrow for just one day, waiting for the imminent new vaccine supplies” Pfizer. “All the appointments scheduled for tomorrow – Wednesday 23 June – are postponed therefore in subsequent days between June 24 and 29 “, the ASL specifies. The health company has activated the communication channels available, including sending text messages to citizens indicating the new appointment. you can consult the page of the Health portal and the Facebook profile of Asl Bari.

The number of inmates infected in the Taranto prison increased to 40 and one was hospitalized. Four days ago there were 32


Vaccines Puglia administered doses shortage Pfizer Covid cases Taranto prison rise

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