Zan law, dispute over the Vatican’s no Draghi: I will answer in Parliament-

Zan law, dispute over the Vatican’s no Draghi: I will answer in Parliament-
Zan law, dispute over the Vatican’s no Draghi: I will answer in Parliament-

Prime Minister Mario Draghi does not look for paraphrases: an important question, tomorrow (today for the reader, ed) I am in Parliament all day, I expect them to ask me and answer in a more structured way than today. The question about the intervention of the Vatican regarding the Zan bill comes during the press conference convened together with the president of the EU Commission Ursula von der Leyen.

For you too the same question: what does the president think of the Vatican intervention on a law on rights? I don’t comment on a bill. In general, I would like to underline that the EU treaties protect the diversity and dignity of every single human being. And they protect freedom of expression.

A note that – however informal it may be – yesterday unleashed the political world. The first to comment was Enrico Letta: the secretary of the Democratic Party said he was willing to untie the knots, firmly reiterating that the Zan bill is a law of civilization that we strongly wanted and we confirm our commitment to get it approved.

it was in the afternoon, then, that the secretary of the Democratic Party heard Foreign Minister Di Maio on the phone, an interview precisely on the merits of the Vatican note. And also in the afternoon that the leader of the League Matteo Salvini asked for a meeting with the dem secretary: On the Zan bill I am ready to meet Letta, also tomorrow, to guarantee rights and punish discrimination and violence, without giving in to ideologies or censorship.

A note appreciated by the leader of the Brothers of Italy Giorgia Meloni (we are against the Zan bill because it is a liberticidal law) and also by Forza Italia. In fact, the Italian vice president Antonio Tajani says: We are against the Zan bill because it does not enlarge the spaces but restricts them.

In Forza Italia there is more than one voice that disagrees with the party line. The strongest of all is that of the deputy Elio Vito. Who yesterday wondered: Why did the note come from the Vatican secretary of state? The Concordat entrusts the CEI with the task of representing the Church in the Italian state.

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The members of the 5 Star Movement of the Equal Opportunity group defend the Zan bill: The law against homotransphobia is a question of dignity and protection of the rights of the person. A battle of civilization that we have been carrying out for some time to respond to the needs of all those citizens who ask for equal rights without any discrimination. Parliament will proceed while maintaining its autonomy in order to arrive at a law that is widely shared as soon as possible, while respecting all the different sensitivities of the country.

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