Australia, spiders cover an entire region – the world in cobwebs

An army of spiders has covered vast areas of Gippsland (southeastern Australia) with expanses of cobwebs, used by spiders to be able to move over the flooded land, where they normally live.
According to the ecologist of the University of Sydney Dieter Hochuli, interviewed by Channel 7, a local broadcaster, “when there are heavy rains and floods, these animals, who live half-hidden on the ground, can no longer stay there, and they know exactly what. do: move higher “. Spiders, among other things, can produce enough web to create ‘parachutes’ and take advantage of the winds to change zones, a phenomenon known as ‘ballooning’. The canvases that cover the Gippsland grounds are said to be the result of this technique.
At least two people have died since the beginning of the month after violent storms hit the southern Australian state of Victoria, causing floods and severe damage; In recent years, the country’s rural areas have suffered several natural disasters: a long drought was followed by devastating fires in late 2019 and early 2020, before storms and floods arrived in various regions.


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Australia spiders cover entire region world cobwebs

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