“Immediate interventions on the milk plant”

“Immediate interventions on the milk plant”
“Immediate interventions on the milk plant”

Rome, Rachele Mussolini: “Immediate interventions on the milk plant”

Rome – «A few more days and then yet another pronouncement should arrive on the ten-year dispute involving Parmalat and Centrale del Latte di Roma.

Despite the judgments of the Council of State pronounced in 2012 forcing the French group to return 75% of its shares in Roma Capitale, in fact, there is still a stalemate. What is most regrettable, among other things, is that all this is supported by a disinterested and superficial attitude of the Capitol which in the past, despite the production quality and financial solidity of Centrale del Latte, has even evaluated the possibility of selling its own quotas.

It is evident that in all these years the grillini have been careful not to defend a product of excellence such as milk and its derivatives, as well as to protect the entire supply chain which employs more than 400 producers and thousands of workers.

The time has come to give all this a decisive change of course: the administration should definitively acquire the share package, even more so considering that Parmalat now seems to no longer have an interest in developing the power plant market, rebalancing economic relations. and develop policies capable of redeveloping Rome as the capital of the product of excellence. This is what the current city government should do, and not do. One more reason to take back Rome ».

Thus Rachele Mussolini, municipal councilor of the civic list Con Giorgia and Vice President of the Control, Guarantee and Transparency Commission of Roma Capitale.

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