advances June 23, 2021, episode plot

Vittorio Rossani
June 22, 2021

Ezgi e Ozgur / Mr Wrong (photo by Mediaset)

Advances episode of the Turkish soap Mr Wrong – lessons of love of Wednesday 23 June 2021:

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Fitant and Sevim find themselves at Ozgur’s house and carry out a superstitious ritual against Ezgi’s bad influence.

Sevim and Fitant, in starting their superstitious ritual, put spices on the fire and then burn them in the various rooms of the house, but the fire alarm goes off because a pot has been forgotten on the fire!

Nevin is on the terrace sipping a cup of tea, but he hears the fire alarm siren and notices the smoke coming from Ozgur’s house!

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advances June episode plot

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