Survey on “digital maturity”, promoted Milan – Economics

Survey on “digital maturity”, promoted Milan – Economics
Survey on “digital maturity”, promoted Milan – Economics

Milan – Milan is confirmed among the most digitally mature Italian provincial municipalities. This is what emerges from the Survey on the digital maturity of the capital municipalities “, carried out by Fpa, a company of the Digital360 group, for Dedagroup Public Services, a company at the forefront of the development of the country’s new digital public infrastructures, and presented today at Forum PA 2021 in course of the conference “Digital Italy: the role of municipalities for a public administration at the service of citizens and businesses”.

The survey analyzes the degree of digital maturity of the 110 Italian provincial municipalities based on three dimensions: Digital public services, the online availability level of 20 of the main services for citizens and businesses; Digital PA, the integration of Municipalities with the main enabling platforms identified by the three-year plan for public IT (SPID, CIE, PagoPA, ANPR); Digital Openness, the number and interoperability of open data and communication with citizens through social channels.

It is based on the template Ca.Re (Change Made) of Dedagroup Public Services, the result of a re-elaboration of the Desi with respect to the objectives defined by the three-year plan for information technology in the public administration and its contextualization at the local level, which represents the synthesis of the results obtained in the three dimensions.

Imagining the digitalization process as a race of speed, which also in the light of the recent experience dictated by the health emergency it has been understood that it must and can be done, the survey identifies three digital maturity classes by placing the Municipalities in three moments: “Starting blocks”, “Deadlift” and “Thrust”.

Milano it positions itself in the “Push” phase. The Lombard capital has further improved its results with a Ca.Re. equal to 85 (vs 83 last year), reflecting the significant performances of the Digital Public Services Index, equal to 89 (vs 88 in 2020), of the Openness Index, to 67 (stable compared to 2020) and of the Digital Index PA equal to 100 (vs 93 in 2020).

“The growing results show the innovative “shock” that swept through Milan in the long months of health emergency – he comments Roberta Cocco, City Councilor for Digital Transformation and Civic Services – Thanks to a solid infrastructure built since 2016 we have continued to work – ensuring the smartworking for around 7,000 employees – and to offer essential services to citizens. In the difficult months of lockdown we witnessed one exponential growth in the use of our digital servicesie, to date, more than 90 percent of personal certificates are downloaded online. It is the tangible sign that the digital transformation of the public administration is possible and it is also what citizens want: fast and one-click services avoiding unnecessary travel around the city. We will continue to work in close synergy with the Ministry for technological innovation and digital transition to reach new goals together and allow Italy to keep pace with other European and international realities “.

“The 2020 it will go down in history as the year of the pandemic, but also as the year in which we accelerated strongly towards an unprecedented technological transformation. The data of the Ca.Re research confirm this by highlighting as who has had more ease and ability to react to the extreme conditions created it was who could count on back office digitization projects already started, a crucial part for the delivery and efficiency of services. This tells us that the path for everyone starts from the digitization of the information system with the consequent revision of the processes in order to really implement that change that sees man at the center in every detail of the service designed for the citizen “he commented Fabio Meloni, managing director of Dedagroup Public Services. “Milano, with whom we collaborate on the integration front of national platforms, è among the most virtuous municipalities and, despite the excellent positioning in terms of digital maturity, continues to work to further improve “

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